Glidecam2000 5D Mark Ii With 17-40Mm L Lens

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Hi all, i've just got a Glidecam2000 and setting it up.

It seems a pair of 1 weight enables me to get the 2-3seconds, but it still seems top heavy, with the bottom moving around a bit, however if i put 2 weight one, bottom is much better but i cant seem to get the 2-3 seconds, its more like 1-1.5seconds.

Does anyone else have the same setup, how many weights do you use?

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Faster drop-times are can be more difficult to control, as the base with have a greater influence on the camera. It is best to have the vertical center of gravity closest to the camera with a slower 2.5- 3 second drop time. Have you viewed your test footage?

*Measure your drop time by counting in thousandths of seconds; as in "one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand"...

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