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Hi all

I have a glidecam 4000pro with a vest and arm, I am using it with an HVX200. Is there an instructional video on the basics of operating this rig out there for purchase? Basics on where to hold the glidecam post so it doesn't swing so much or where to rest the vest: on the hips, below or above? I think I have the balance down.

I know practice, practice, practive but I can't afford to go to a workshop right now. Would like to study a tape and practice at home before I go to a workshop.

Thanks for any help!

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Currently there are not any 'produced' instructional video available

Have you check out any of the videos online

Here is a setup and balance interview I had done at NAB 2011 on the Glidecam HD-2000 and Canon 5D MKII, that you might find useful;

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