Cold Weather Operation And Difficulties

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Outside I was, staggering through the snow-laden branches of the spruce forest, in Alaska, the temperature hovering just a few degrees above zero.

I was warm, however, sweating even, as I was wearing a Smooth Shooter vest, piloting my Z5 on a Glidecam 4000Pro, wearing snowshoes, and doing my best to keep from planting my rig and my face in the early-season drifts of crusty snow.

Did I mention that it was night?

I already was aware of the admonition not to tighten the post clamp for the lower section too much, especially in cold weather. So no problems there.

However, when I got back inside, and placed the sled onto its mic stand base, the sled and post slipped down an extra couple inches, but the yoke and gimbal stayed put.

Eh wot?

Ah....yes. Aluminum expands and contracts at a different rate than steel. The press fit of the gimbal is compromised by the contraction of the aluminum post due to the cold!

One of the comparisons of a Glidecam to a Steadicam sled is that the gimbal of the Steadicam can be repositioned to allow for more precise dynamic balance. So...if I can figure out a clamping system (hose clamps? Yuck) to keep the gimbal from moving out of position when I don't want it to, I can benefit from this new-found gimbal adjustability by simply placing the sled outside for 20 minutes or so, fine-tuning the balance, and then tightening the clamps when satisfied.


Anyone else have much fun with snowshoes?



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Hi Gene,

What a great location and usage of the Glidecam, capturing the serene effect of a snowy spruce forest. It would be great to see some footage, I am sure it is awesome.

Based on your description, the central bearings 'press fit/adhesive' combination has failed, this is very rare and Glidecam products have been used on Mt. Everest

Would you be able to send your Glidecam in to my attention here at Glidecam? I can resolve this issue for you.

Any idea how old this Glidecam 4000 Pro is?

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