Glidecam HD4000 with C100

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Hi all.

My friend lent me a Glidecam he uses with a small DSLR.

I want to use it with my C100, but as you can see the mounting plate is sitting to the right. I'm sure this will not allow me to balance it I right?

I'm not sure this plate can be moved to a central position.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards




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Thanks for the posting.   This is not recommended.  Basically this creates a balancing issue.

CG (Center of Gravity) is not correctly aligned Horizontal Axis over the Central Post, which is the 'rotational center of gravity'.   If the plate is off to the side, the camera may very well end up off to the side as well.    And, knowing it is the C100, I would recommend that you center the plate.

Here's some great training videos, check them out and let me know if this helps.

Volume 1:  The Basic


Volume 2:  The Circle Up and Down


Volume 3:  Focal Length


Volume 4:  Slow Is Smooth, Smooth is King


Volume 5:  Focus on the Focus


Volume 6:  Balancing in 5 Minutes. …OK, say 2 Minutes


Volume 7:  Smooth Shooter and X-10



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