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HD4000 / X10 upgrade with external monitor

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On this forum I saw many good ways for attaching the monitor to the glidecam console. And try many of them by myself.

But for my setup: HD4000 + X10 in 4 spring mode with 18.5 lbs (8.23 kg) sled weight and 10 lbs (4.5 kg) on the top - I need setup that can give me more control and freedom of movement with sled at the side of the operator like with "big" steadycam setup like M1 for example. And real control of dynamic balance. Which I did not receive under other conditions.

And inspired by Tom Blount setup I start to try different monitor mount schemas and check these mass distribution for dynamic balance according to Jerry Holway calculation method. And after 8 months of experiments I receive setup that perfectly fit my demands. And because battery assembly can be preciesely moved on 15 mm LWS rods I can receive real dynamic balance easily and later adjust it by predictable way on the stage when sled configuration must be changed (when for example follow focus, transmitter etc. added) 

So I'm absolutely happy to work with this setup and decided to share this solution so that those who are shooting with a similar configuration could do an upgrade )) 


Because of this forum image attachment restrictions I can't post more imags here and upload them to enjoy )

The main construction idea is to using worldwide accessible parts and simple math so anyone can easily make this upgrade.

This setup mainly built from low-cost SMALLRIG parts who Eric Zhong from SMALLRIG Official Store kindly helped to match and two DIY brackets from sheet metal. Camera on top is my training setup with Nikon D5200 in cage and a approx 2kg weight plate from below. The idea is that I can use this camera for my projects or change it on the stage to a heavier one with one system sense. I now many steadycam operator learn & work this manner. So setup will work with BMCC, Sony FS7 or other huge camera that fit into HD4000/X10 weight range. Monitor in setup is Apputure VS-1 (1.17 lbs / 530g) + 4x120g CW (1.06 lbs / 480g) so Transvideo or BMVA 7" or Athomos can be easily set up. Battery is SONY NP-970  (0.65 lbs / 300g) with 3x120g CW (0.8 lbs / 360g) so IDX Battery can be used too.

If someone have an interest - later I can post photos of assembly stages and links to used parts.

Best regards, Ivan





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