Question about daylight viewable monitors

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I use Aputure VS-1 with 250-300 cd/m2 on bottom of HD4000 with X-10 arm
usually the console is not in front of me, but on the side. In closed space or without direct sunlight outdoor setup work well.

But in direct sunlight I literaly still blind when focusing and even framing. Even with any sort of sunhoods.

So start to thinking about daylight viewable monitors and I want to ask advice from those who shoot a lot in bright sunlight: which monitor in these conditions you use?

I understand about 'mature' Transvideo CineMonitor HD6 eSBL or TVLOGIC SRM-074W-N but it cost of above $3k and I want to understand whether there is a
more afordable alternative? We don't have an good rental house nearby so I can't compare different models and slightly confused that real brightness is required for this kind of outdoor shooting 700/1000/1500 nits or may be an maximum availlable 2200 nits ? 

And especially is interested about BMVA 7 (Blackmagic videoassist 7") do it really viewable outdoor? May be somebody use it and can help with choice.

Best regards, Ivan



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The topic of day light view-able monitors has been a hot topic for many years; as in - not all external viewing monitors are created equal.

CD/m2 [Candella per Meters Squared] or NITS as it is most commonly referred to runs a substantial range.   And, as the NITS go up so does the CO$T!    Another component of this is the Contrast Ratio, which as substantial impact on the daylight view-ability as well - the better the contrast ratio the higher the cost.  Ideally, a balance or compromise between NIT and C-RATIO make the best options and can be obtained at the best price/value.

Just as an example *(I am not selling Small HD Monitors here - though I do like them, personally speaking) 


SmallHD-DP7 [High Bright]  -

Resolution: 1280 x 800 (fine for general framing), Brightness is 1500 nits.  Contrast Ratio  800:1 (anything at 800 and up is usually good, IMHO)


Lilliput -

Have an option for 1000:1 Contrast and 800 NIT, not bad for $149.00 at B&H (haven't tried, but some favorable reviews)


Marshall Electronics - 

Nice (low cost) options here: http://www.lcdracks.com/monitors/video-assist-monitors.php


Best choices in Day-Light Viewable Monitors are over 800 NIT and C-RATIO at/or over 800:1


Fly Safe!










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Thank you a lot Tom for this info !
You give an great options, will see these monitors ))

And little tweak from the shooting of the freestyle wrestling championship this weekend:

in my Aputure VS-1 monitor I see that 6500k preset is about 126/128/130 RGB value.
And this seriously attenuate brightness but when I set 235/250/255 - picture seems much brighter in the sunlight.

May be this trick be useful for someone )

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You're welcome - glad you found this information useful.

Very nice trick, that I am sure will help someone out.


Some shooters have used UV film on the monitor screen as well to assist, I haven't tride this, but some like it!


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I found an MustHD monitors

https://www.musthd.com/collections/hyper-brite-monitor it seems to be heavy 830g but really bright 2200 nits with $499 price.

And I want to ask, someone have an experience of using of MystHD monitors in real work ? 

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I found a good alternative to $1200+ daylight viewable monitors.

New Seetec (Feelworld trademark) FW279S is superbright. 2200 cd/m2 in specs.
In practice easy viewable in direct sunlight where my old 450 cd/m2 monitor still unreadable. Super sharp and equiped with focus peaking, histogram and other assistant functions.
HDMI/SDI without cross conversion. NP batteries or 12v powered. Lightweight, plastic housing but strong enough. Good and acourate colors in user mode.


I think for now this is a best daylight monitor for the money. 

No LUT, no vectorscopes etc. But for $340 i.e 1/4 of IKAN SAGA 7" an excellent work-horse.


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