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I own a glidecam Devin Graham version. And planning to buy a vest so I can run longer with a Ursa mini pro. But all the movies, higher end music video's have really smooth steadycam work. Is it possible to get that exact same precission withe a glidecam Devin Graham series. Is it really just practicing? (because I cannot find any video that is perfectly stable, as I have seen clips of steadycam operators flying an alexa around which are perfectly stable).

What would be the best set up for flying a ursa mini pro around? As I want to deliver these services to higher end music video's but I need to nail it first before I can offer these services. And I dont want to be stuck with only super wide lenses. I prob will be flying mostly with a 35mm.


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Hello Zerocool22,

Yes, the Glidecam Devin Graham Signature Series [aka.  GLDGSS] is the highest quality precison, 100% USA Made quality and capable of super smooth results.

Watch Devin Graham Supertramp video, all shot with the GLDGSS.  

Also 'Dude Perfect', all of their videos are shot with the GLDGSS, you can see these videos on youtube. 

There are many more videos that will illustrate the smoothness of the GLDGSS.

Yes, it takes practice, however, once you learn how to use the Glidecam - you'll be able to obtain the best stabilized shots with 100% control!  

The Glidecam is the most versatile piece of production equipment you can own.   Just bring it with you anywhere and you with be able to obtain High-End Production Value!!   No need for a tripod, slider, jib or any other gear.  Just bring a Glidecam and it replaces the need for all others! 

Ursa Mini hand-held with the GLDGSS is great, but it you would like to add a Glidecam Vest system, the Glidecam X-10 Vest/Arm with DGS Docking Bracket with up the game, now you can use without taking a break and the added benefit of shock absorbers in the Glidecam X-10 Arm.   If interested email me at tomh@glidecam and I can get you a special Glidecam Forum user price :)





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