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Hey guys,
I have a problem, especially with longer lenses (like 85 mm here).
Been using glidecam with sony a7s m1 (no stabilisation in camera).

Here's sample footage: 
You can see some "bouncing" effect starting from 4 sec.
I don't know what causes that effect, everything was fixed properly, no camera movement,
using manfrotto QR plate. I think It was balanced pretty ok
(changing lens from 24 to 85, but I don't know If It could be the cause of this shakes)

Anyone experienced that kind of thing? What could cause that? I didn't see that while filming.
PS. I know It' a bit out of focus, sorry guys.

Thanks in advance, peace!:)

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Hello Kuba,

What camera are you working with?  

Can you take a photograph of your Glidecam and post it on the Glidecam forum?

Could be something very simple...  Look forward to helping you resolve this issue


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