HD4000 Damaged, Repair enquiries

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Hi Glidecam forums,

Season greetings to all! I understand that during this period responses will be delayed but please respond if possible!

I have recently gotten a used HD-4000, no biggie working fine! 

Tested the gimbal at 0, 90, 270 degrees for calibration and found that it is not well calibrated. 

I got the allen key and started calibrating to what the manual around the forums has taught and the gimbal is working really well now at 95% balanced (with slight sways). I tried to be a perfectionist and tried to recalibrate again during my freetime a few days later, and to my demise, these "set screws" used to calibrate the gimbal got "rounded/worn out" and the screw cant move anymore to create the adjustments.

Well damn, I messaged Cheryl@glidecam and gotten news about the free calibration when I mail in and foot for the mailing cost, sure no problem!

Now comes the hard part, so between this period of time, the HD-4000 was resting on a shelf. This shelf, decided to give way and caused the HD-4000 to fall to the ground. The damage? The top camera sled portion popped off, together with the female screw portion that was suppose to be embedded into the gimbal post (to be clearer, its the screw-in point that is suppose to in both ends of the gimbal post, both female parts for mounting the camera sled and also the weights portion below). The top portion of the gimbal post also gotten a crack (a crack in the metal pole).

I tried to stuff the screw portion back into the gimbal post and mount the camera sled portion and it still works, however if I try to forcefully pluck the section, It would come off now.

Would be happy if I can receive any information of any possible repair services from glidecam on the gimbal pole? or anyone with similar experiences of a damaged glidecam that got successfully repaired, could I simply trade-in the damaged gimbal and foot the cost for a new part? or am I completely out of lucky that I have to purchase a new gimbal!

Thank you for your time on reading this little piece of festive disaster.

Please advice. Signing off!

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