Glidecam HD-2000 possible defective unit with broken bearings ?

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Hi all , Friday I received my new glidecam HD-2000 , I ended up assembling and balancing it but when I spin the panning ball bearing there is some noise like broken balls bearings. Sometime by moving it isn't fluid and snaps a little.

the glidecam is new ! Is this a defective unit or have a broken ball bearing ? I can't perform the cleaning process because I think this invalide the warranty a third party vendor.

I hope someone can help me . 

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Provided that the Glidecam is working properly, as far as performance goes - you shouldn't have to do much more that lubricate the Central Bearing assembly.  This will NOT void warranty...

Just use some light weight oil, such as Super-Lube and that will address the issue...


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