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Hi, I'm having trouble with my hd4000.

I have balanced it to the best of my knowledge and it hangs straight with a 2-3 second drop time.

Walking forward and backwards works great, however the issue occurs when walking left or right, or circulating a subject. When walking left, the glidecam will rotate counter-clockwise, and walking to the right it rotates clockwise about the handle. Could there be a simple solution to this like too top or bottom heavy?

I've tried to play around with it for a while but never had it work perfectly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advice.


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Hi Craig,

Thanks for the post. A couple of things.

1. make sure cameras c.g. is center over the central post.

2. even weight front/back of base (symmetrical)

3. horizontal balance

4. vertical balance (2-3 seconds)

5. horizontal balance final

6. do not over use the guiding hand

7. account for wind resistance

8. how does the footage look - are you 'seeing' this deviation in the final footage results. (you'd be surprised how forgiving the Glidecam is)

let us know and we will up you up and running, or better yet walking

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