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Found 18 results

  1. iGLIDE II_v02.pdf Coming Soon....
  2. Dear community, Iˋm new to both forum and glidecam. Greetings!! I encountered a problem with the device that I cannot solve. Maybe you can help me. I mounted a Sony RX100 and - in order to achieve 2 seconds of drop time - removed one of the weight discs on the bottom. Then I finetuned the horizontal balance which is ok when I hold the handle/yoke in line with the bottom plate (photo 1). But when I hold the glidecam with the handle being in another position the whole system becomes unstable (photo 2). Am I doing something wrong? Is there something wrong with the glidecam itself? Any help would be much appeeciated. Thanks!!
  3. Which model would be best for the set: iPhone 6,Moondoglabs lens,Shoulderpod S1.I wonder about Glidecam HD-1000 or iGlide ?
  4. Hey, I'm selling my Glidecam iGlide. It has never been used, but I did throw a GoPro adapter on it you can easily remove. It comes in original box. Figured you're saving $40 off retail at this price. Respond or send me an email at lotreaglesfan @ I will be posting the item to eBay as well this week. But it would be preferable to skip it to not have to pay eBay fees haha. Let me know if you're interested and thanks
  5. Hey everyone, Looking to help those out who are in need of Balancing their Glidecams. I have this video which will instruct you on how to do just that, in under 10 minutes. Easy Way To Balance a Glidecam | HD 1000 | HD 2000 | HD 4000 | iGlide
  6. Nice promotional bundle kit at B&H. All you need for super light travel and professional, high quality Glidecam Smoothness
  7. Hey everybody! Hope you are all doing well. I made a video showing how much a quick release plate will help the Glidecam iGlide perform much smoother with a GoPro camera. This simple mod made all the difference in the world! Let me know what you think! Thanks for watching!
  8. So i'd like to buy myself a GlideCam and get into the stabilizing world if you want!! And i'd like to know your opinion on which one i should get: the Xr-1000 or iGlide/Xr-500. I have an HERO 3+ Silver Edition and a Panasonic HC-V510. Thanks for your opinion !!!
  9. Hey everybody! This is my newest video featuring the GoPro 3 Black Edition and the Glidecam iGlide. This was filmed in Oklahoma on Little River. Don't forget to watch in 720p or better! Let me know what you think! Review: I been using the iGlide for almost 5 months now and I am very pleased with what it can do, especially after practice. It has held up well and it is small enough to take anywhere. I have done bigger youtube projects as well as home video with the family on special occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. I will say this over and over. It takes time to learn how to maneuver this unit or any glidecam for that matter to get those "buttery smooth shots". For the price there isn't a better camera stabilizer in my opinion. Practice, practice, practice. Keep your demands reasonable with this unit and you will start getting the footage you will want.
  10. Here is my newest video featuring the Glidecam iGlide! let me know what you think!
  11. I could not balance my iGlide, so I added a quick fine-tune plate using magnets to dial in on the center pole balance we all want. Hope this helps some people out. Any questions about the plate and magnets I added, feel free to ask!
  12. Hey everybody! I made a tutorial on the basic balancing of the iGlide as well as a in depth look at "tuning" in that perfect balance. I also covered a few techniques used in getting that "Dreamy, buttery, smooth, flying effect" which applies to all Glidecam products. Let me know what you guys think or any questions you have! Happy flying!
  13. There may be some frame skipping due to youtubes compression settings and such... This is my FIRST time with ANY type of Glidecam or video stabilizer. I am still learning!
  14. The Glidecam iGLIDE in NOW SHIPPING! The Glidecam iGLIDE is designed for the following cameras; Canon PowerShot Contour GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3 Iphone Nikon Coolpix Olympus Rollei Sony Action Cam And most all recording devices under 12 ounes
  15. Here's some information on the New Glidecam iGlide
  16. Have you seen the latest Video introducing the new iGlide stabilzer für cameras less then 14oz like GoPro Hero 3, Contour, Canon PowerShot, Rollei, Olympus, Nikon Coolpix Iphone and many more small cameras: Watch it here:
  17. Here is the NEW Glidecam iGlide with the NEW iPhone 5! Perfect Fit! The lightweight and state-of-the-art Glidecam iGlide™ Adapter is designed especially for the Apple iPhone 5 as and fits the 3G, 4G and 4S, allowing these »Smartphones« to be attached directly to the Glidecam XR-1000 or HD-1000 Hand-Held Camera Stabilizers, transforming your Smartphone video into a hypnotically smooth, professional footage, for publishing directly to the Worldwide Web.