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Found 10 results

  1. So I have a Glidecam HD 2000 I am balancing it with my Canon 70D (755g (1.7 lb)) and my lens is the Canon 10-18mm (8.5 ounces or 0.5291 lbs), a am using the Manfrotto 394 RC4 tripod mount (weighing 9.9 ounces) I am struggling to balance it and have struggled for months. I was using one counterweight on both sides on the bottom and someone told me more weight was better for top and bottom. So I put two and tried to mount counterweights on top but have failed so far. Has anyone got any suggestions for me on how I can balance this? and whether adding weight on top is better?
  2. Hi, I managed to lose 3 screws, 2 from the bottom and one from the side during one of my shoots. I have the Glidecam HD-2000 Is there a way I can get these ordered ASAP? Thanks
  3. Hi, I just rented a glidecam HD-2000 for the first time and it came with a manfrotto quick release plate but I can't get the quick release plate to stop being so loose on the existing glide cam plate. Could it be that I need a new screw? Or should I add another screw? There is one more slot under the quick release plate where I could add a slightly larger screw it looks like but I wouldn't know what size to buy if that was the case. Could anyone help me out with this? I feel like I am getting warmer to actually having the camera balanced but I don't think the quick release plate should be moving around so much...hmmm Thank you in advance!
  4. I just recently purchased a Glidecam HD 2000 with a Manfrotto 577 quick release plate. I put the plate on my Canon 600D and when i try to put the plate into the sliding adaptor thing that I had mounted to my Glidecam, it locks in but I am not able to fully tighten the knob. I understand that you can pull the lever out and turn it freely but I still do not have enough space to properly secure my camera to the Glidecam. What do I do so that I can fix this problem. Please help me. The lever keeps hitting the camera and there is no room for the lever to move or tighten. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  5. I filmed this video in Utah and I'm very happy I never fell into the water!!!! I used a 5d mark III -16 to 35 - 50mm
  6. I am lookimng for both travel cases (air travel) and soft cases (local car travel) for my HD-2000. Any suggestions, successful solutions? Thanks, PeterHD-2000
  7. Hi guys! I'm very very new to the Glidecam, and I've just invested in a HD-2000. When my HD2K arrived at the shop/studio I ordered from, the shopkeeper kindly assembled and demo the balancing using a small Olympus w/ a big lens. All seem to be well, he taught me the usage of the screws, the basic fundamental and even gave me some tips. When I got home, that's where the frustration starts. I just can't seem to get the hang of it with a Canon 650D, which I realize is surprisingly light to the HD2K. I screwed the camera on top, started with 1 counter weight on each sides, and when I pick it up the whole glidecam goes wobbly. Intrigued, I did a drop time test and the drop time is super fast, like a half of a second. And the camera will do a 360 turn when coming down. The length of the post is already the shortest setting there is. I tried adding a weight along with the camera, or add more weights at the platform, adjusting the post, adjusting the platform - nothing seems to work. I watched more than a few tutorials but I can't seem to find a solution, the people in the videos don't have the problem I have when picked up the glidecam, which is it goes wobbly, my hands are not shaking, and even if it does, I am pretty sure it's not the cause if the problem. Along with that, as mentioned the camera to be too light, when I move the glidecam the platform tends to stay where it is too. Did I do something wrong? What are your methods of balancing? Anyone out here with a 650D maybe can share with me your set ups?
  8. So, I recently came back from filming a youth missions trip to Mexico with my Glidecam HD-2000. Unfortunately, one of the screws for maintaining adjustments made to balance on the underside of the "camera mounting platform" has disappeared. There's still three other screws, so is this really a big deal? I'm probably just going to head down to Home Depot with one of the remaining three screws and try to find the best replacement, but I figured I'd ask this fine group of glidecam users for their input. Thanks guys.
  9. Hey, Just Joined the Forum so please excuse the noobiness. For about two weeks i have been trying to find a good lens to use with my 60D, which is also good to use with the Glidecam HD 2000. Now, as i have a budget of about £600 for the lens, i can't really splash out on multiple lenses for different purposes, or get a lens such as the canon 24-70 L. The problem i have is that i wont use the lens 100% of the time on the glidecam, and i know people say that the really wide lenses such as the Tokina 11-16 are the standard, but for me, that is just to wide to use as an all round lens for cinematic/fiction use. The main lenses i have had my eye on is the new sigma 30mm 1.4, good all round Focal length for cropped sensors with a nice wide aperture so i can get very nice Shallow DOF shots, also the new one has a very nice focus ring, which is always good. However the problem with this is that while 30mm may be versatile for non glidecam use, some say that's its kinda of pushing it on a glidecam, but having not used it on one i don't know. Other lenses i have been looking at are the cropped sensor equivalents to the 24-70, which are the 17-50s, specifically the Sigma/Tamron 17-50 2.8, which looks really good because: They have a fixed aperture of 2.8, they both have OS (Or IS but basicly the same thing, i think..) Focal length of 17mm, which is what i would probably use for Glidecamming, and the ability to go longer when i need it and not using the Glidecam, as well as they are apprently as sharp as your gonna want for video. Now, that all sounds very good but the catch is, that apparently the manual focus ring sucks on both lenses, very shallow, about 30* turn. Which is not a problem on a Glidecam, but when i'm doing shots involving the need to focus, i really want a nice focus ring, without the need for a follow-focus. Thanks alot, and i would be really happy if you guys could help me out. =].
  10. Hey, so I'm actually new to actually using a glidecam but I'm currently running a Canon 5D mark ii on aHD 2000. I believe my drop time is dialed in right at 3 seconds and its great inside.. But thats the issue when you live in one of the windiest populated places in the world.. So I just need a few pro tips of flying in windy conditions. Is it all down to practic control with my 'free hand' or will adding weights help? I have no idea. Haha. Cheers.