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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, If anyone is interested, I am selling a well taken care of glidecam x10 vest and arm. Both show signs of use, but well taken care of! Check out the ebay link if you are looking to buy!
  2. My next trip was a kite festival, which has been held in Belitong Island, Sumatra, Indonesia. I am using glidecam hd2000 and add a 1 kg cheese plate. My camera is lumix gh2 plus ultra wide lens. Total weight is about 1,8 kg (top weight only). Hope you enjoy my video. Thanks.
  3. Since my last video, This is Trenggalek (, I have an addiction to travel around my country and bring my best friend, The Glidecam HD2000. Now I made a video about Lombok Island, One of the best Tourist Destination besides Bali. Well I hope you enjoyed the video, and please subscribe my youtube channel. My next trip is Belitung Island, because will be held a national events of Kite Festival. This forum is inspiring me to create better videos using my glidecam hd2000
  4. After 10 days of riding a motorcycle around Trenggalek (East Java, Indonesia) while bringing Glidecam hd 2000, and the Canon 650D with Magic Lantern installed (CBR settings = 2.5). I am shooting a best tourist spots in Trenggalek. I am very satisfied with the results I have achieved with my glidecam, I really love my Glidecam. But I use a cheap lens (kit lens + wide converter) so the image less sharp and it caused barrel distortion. But anyway I love the process and the result of my work. Ladies and Gentlements This is Trenggalek.... I want to say thanks to this forum because it helps me alot improving my techniques in glidecam