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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all. I have a DGS Glidecam and absolutely love it. However I just bought a Sony a6300 and have found that with 1 or 2 weights on the sled its way to light and shaky. Even with previous heavier cameras I found the heavier the weight added the smoother the footage. My question is, now that I have put four weights on each side and have lowered the gimbal to the zero mark on the pole, is this bad? Does it matter where the gimbal is on the pole as long as i have a 2-3 second drop? Any advice in general about using a lighter camera with the DGS would be awesome. Thanks all!
  2. Hello, The gimbal of my HD-1000 isn't calibrated well. It doesn't work to calibrate it by myself. I don't have warranty, how much would it cost to send it to glidecam? Is it worth it to send it to glidecam? Thanks in advance!
  3. Glidecam in pleased to announce the NEW Glidecam Centurion The technologically advanced Glidecam Centurion is the lightest and most compact 3-axis Motorized Gimbal available in its class today. The Glidecam Centurion is designed to work with the majority of video cameras and DSLR and mirrorless cameras weighing from 1 to 5 pounds (.45 to 2.26 kg.) Made with precision Aluminum and space-age Carbon Fiber composites, the versatile Glidecam Centurion offers virtually unlimited handle-grip positions and can be set up in single-grip, or dual-grip, handle bar modes. Cameras can be easily and quickly positioned for neutral balance. The Centurion's computer controlled, direct-drive, brushless motors stabilize the camera by taking control of all three rotational axes of movement. The 32 bit accuracy of the Glidecam Centurion sensors coupled with the high speed of the controller delivers perfectly smooth and stable images while maintaining horizontal accuracy on all three axis within .02 degrees. Each brushless motor has an electric slip ring so the wires will never tangle. The state-of-the-art Glidecam Centurion is battle-ready and will combat camera instability by delivering super-smooth, high production value imagery to your productions. The Glidecam Centurion awaits your commands. -
  4. Hello, I am now selling a glidecam hd 4000. I will include the ebay link on here for anyone who may be interested. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for your time!
  5. Hi guys, I've been having an issue with my new glidecam recently. I hold the glidecam with the handle in front of the main post like Devin Graham. Once the unit is balanced, and I move the handle to the 3 o'clock position in terms on the centre post the whole unit becomes unbalanced again. Any ideas on how to fix this???! Thanks, Dan
  6. Is there a diagram of the gimbal, anywhere, please? I've just spent nearly five hours trying to calibrate my gimbal and hit some snags that could be answered if I knew WHY I was doing the procedure, as opposed to just doing it. Is there some ring-thing inside that shifts when you turn the Allen key, for example? I counter-clockwised the upside, as instructed, to loosen it; but, the opposing screw was a swine to turn clockwise. In fact, I bent the Allen key! Makes me wonder whether the other axis (i.s. at 90 degrees to the axis I'm working on) is screwed too tight and won't let the insides shift properly. Perhaps I should undo those a little, then return to the axis being tweaked so it can shift?... I'm too scared to remove the top plate to have a look inside... hence, the diagram wish. Cheers!
  7. Hey guys! I would like to ask You for help. Few days ago I finally got the Glidecam HD-2000. It takes some time for me to figure out how to balance it, but now - with little help from small spirit levels - it is balanced!. Drop time is also good so I was happy and ready to shoot... but I tried to rotate him and it seems it's still little out of balance. It seems it makes difference where I hold the gimble handle. In one side is perfectly balanced, but when I turned him 90° or more ... it's slightly out of balance again. Also, when I hold gimble(bearing) with hand and shake from one side to another, I can feel little misalignment, but not more than one millimeter. Do You think is that normal ? Much THANKS for Your answers!!! Jozef