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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all. I have a DGS Glidecam and absolutely love it. However I just bought a Sony a6300 and have found that with 1 or 2 weights on the sled its way to light and shaky. Even with previous heavier cameras I found the heavier the weight added the smoother the footage. My question is, now that I have put four weights on each side and have lowered the gimbal to the zero mark on the pole, is this bad? Does it matter where the gimbal is on the pole as long as i have a 2-3 second drop? Any advice in general about using a lighter camera with the DGS would be awesome. Thanks all!
  2. I am a Glidecam newbie, so please bear with me... I have purchased the Devon Graham model, which flies a small camera wonderfully, and am practicing away for when I'm going handheld with Face-detect auto-focus, which is awesome with the a6300... This set-up is fine for short stints, but I'm not Arnold Schwartsenuggie, so I have purchased a vest and arm which will arrive shortly... It is my intention to fly a Sony a6300 with prime cine geared lens in a small cage with rods, with a Redrock micro-Remote Follow Focus, and on the bottom- a Small HD Monitor or Atomos Recorder attached to a ball head on one side. I need to put a lightweight V- Mount battery, like the IDX DUO-C95 on the other side to power the follow focus and the monitor... Any suggestions for how to mount the battery on the bottom would be hugely appreciated. Also, should I mount the battery on the underside of the sled for dynamic balance? Seems like a lot of high end rigs put the battery on the underside...
  3. I just received my new glidecam DGS and have spend several hours on balancing it but having trouble. I balanced the glidecam while holding the handle inline with the mount from the back. Whenever I twist the handle 90 degree to the side or 180, the balance shifts. Do I have a calibration issue? I have watched the video on how to calibrate it, but the model used was a HD2000. The DGS has another bearing plate on the bottom. Do I need to loosen that as well?
  4. HelloHello, Hello, I'm desperately looking for a used DGS glidecam. Please respond if you have one for sale, know of one for sale etc. Thanks!