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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, First time to use HD2000. I tried to balance it, however, it appears calibration issue because if I balanced it on 0 degree then the rest like 90, 270,360 is not balanced properly.(drop time test is 2.5s around) So I followed below video to calibrate it and seems it works(although I am not sure if it's 100% calibrated because I can only rely on bubble level shows good). Now I can attach camera with all 360 degrees balanced with bubble level . However, I got one more issue that if I try to hold the HD2000 attached camera move horizontally back and forth, left and right. (Or use my body do 360 degrees rotation.) The camera will have slightly spinning, the shooting spot of the camera will spin the angle originally pointed to --- not stay in one spot . My test followed This Video . The result of my HD2000 is even worse than Flycam. Both horizontal test & 360 degree test make my camera spin without stay in one spot. Does it mean my calibration failed? Or I have other issue with my HD2000 need to be fixed? BTW, my camera is Sony NEX 6. And the camera too light (with lens around 2lb) I have to remove all bottom weights with blank base. I also tried my 5D mark iii with 1 weight on the base for each side. Same result.
  2. Hello, The gimbal of my HD-1000 isn't calibrated well. It doesn't work to calibrate it by myself. I don't have warranty, how much would it cost to send it to glidecam? Is it worth it to send it to glidecam? Thanks in advance!
  3. I recently bought a second hand (barely used) Glidecam HD 2000, after being disappointed by a cheaper 'fake' glidecam (this reminded me to always buy the quality stuff). The balancing seemed to be a lot harder than with the fake glidecam, even though it used the same kind of mechanism to achieve balance. When I finally got it (almost) balanced, I rotated the center post just a tiny bit, and the balance was off. When turning the center post 180 degrees, the glidecam is way off balance. Picture when in balance. Picture with the center post rotated 180 degrees. I looked up some information about this and it seems the gimbal calibration is off. So I managed to order a 1/16" allen wrench (those things are hard to find in a physical store in the Netherlands) to calibrate the gimbal (I already have the required torx wrench), and I started wondering. My gimbal is so extremely miscalibrated that I can't even get it to stay in balance because the center post start spinning on its own, and then the whole thing starts tilting. Is it a good idea to just guesstimate the required gimbal adjustment a bit, so that I can get it to stay in balance, and then proceed to precisely calibrating the gimbal? My drop time is 2.5-3 seconds. Regards, Sander
  4. I just received my new glidecam DGS and have spend several hours on balancing it but having trouble. I balanced the glidecam while holding the handle inline with the mount from the back. Whenever I twist the handle 90 degree to the side or 180, the balance shifts. Do I have a calibration issue? I have watched the video on how to calibrate it, but the model used was a HD2000. The DGS has another bearing plate on the bottom. Do I need to loosen that as well?