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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, First time to use HD2000. I tried to balance it, however, it appears calibration issue because if I balanced it on 0 degree then the rest like 90, 270,360 is not balanced properly.(drop time test is 2.5s around) So I followed below video to calibrate it and seems it works(although I am not sure if it's 100% calibrated because I can only rely on bubble level shows good). Now I can attach camera with all 360 degrees balanced with bubble level . However, I got one more issue that if I try to hold the HD2000 attached camera move horizontally back and forth, left and right. (Or use my body do 360 degrees rotation.) The camera will have slightly spinning, the shooting spot of the camera will spin the angle originally pointed to --- not stay in one spot . My test followed This Video . The result of my HD2000 is even worse than Flycam. Both horizontal test & 360 degree test make my camera spin without stay in one spot. Does it mean my calibration failed? Or I have other issue with my HD2000 need to be fixed? BTW, my camera is Sony NEX 6. And the camera too light (with lens around 2lb) I have to remove all bottom weights with blank base. I also tried my 5D mark iii with 1 weight on the base for each side. Same result.
  2. I have an HD-2000. My camera is 3.5 pounds weight. The drop time is 2 seconds. It's perfectly balanced.... absolutely perpendicular (confirmed with laser spirit level) - in one direction. BUT... 1) If I spin the central column, it wobbles. 2) If I turn the camera to left/right/reverse of the initial set-up direction, the Glidecam becomes unbalanced. 3) If I move the Glidecam forward, the base holds-back a bit, catches up and pendulums. 4) If I move the Glidecam sideways, ditto. I've tried every permutation of the base/central column: longer with fewer weights, shorter with more, extended, not extended. I've watched dozens of YouTube vids... everyone else seems to be able move the Glidecam swiftly back and forth, left and right without the inertia problem. Apart from crying, what options do I have, please?
  3. I recently bought a HD1000 to use with my panasonic lumix g6, which weighs approximately 1.4lbs. I am having no luck balancing the thing. My drop time is always to fast. I've tried adding weight to the top, adding weight to the bottom, less weight, different pole lengths. I have no idea what I am doing. What I'm hoping is someone has the same camera/glidecam combination and can show what their setup looks like. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. How long do you take to balance ? HD-1000 Hi there, New user with a couple of questions. First - my setup is a GH2 with 14-42 lens - with battery and card it should be 609g (1.34 pounds) and a Manfrotto 577 quick release plate 280g (.62 pounds) - so the weight all up would be around 1.94 pounds - so well with in the HD 1000 weight spec. So, I am wondering how long it takes others to balance their rig ? Found the centre of gravity of the camera + plate. Also the centre of gravity for the mount. I know it is centred as best it can be. I have spent about a day trying to balance it all. Settled on two weights on each side as using just one was not enough. Got it on a stand and I am making tiny adjustments. Each time I think it’s balanced, I try the movement test but it still tends to swing and rotate. I have watched a ton of videos, including the ones here. Read quite a bit in this forum too. Everyone makes it look so simple. So that is why I am asking about how long this process should take. I am happy to put the time in to get this right ! I figure once I get this right, it should only need minor adjustment every time I re-attach the camera.
  5. Hi, if this can help, this small test video shows (at the end) how I've set up a XR-1000 for any of my GoPro cameras, using the stock weights that come with the XR-1000. For me, the weight and inertia of the XR-1000 is perfect for those cameras. my TIP : when you remove and put back the camera, on any stabilizer, the balance will be a little bit affected. So as to correct it in a second, I've added small thin magnets on the steel weights on the top. To be seen on the video above at 0:43. Just replace it where you want around the top weight to insure perfect balance at any time ! Those magnets where collected on boxes from any other product.
  6. Hello, I achieve almost perfect balance using the Movement Adjustment Knobs on the Camera Mounting Platform, however when I then tighten the thumb screws to lock the balanced position, the balance changes! This causes the camera to tilt and move to one side, when before tightening the thumb screws, the camera remained still and balanced. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I imagine that I am, because if not, it would mean that the position of the thumb screws affects the balance, which can't be the case, can it? My setup is the following: HD 1000 Pentax K-r with battery, 595 g, Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6, 470 g, Manfrotto 394 quick release, 280 g, TOTAL WEIGHT: 1.345 Kg = 2 lb 15.44 oz. Expandable Base Platform is fully extended out. Have 3 counterweights on either side. Telescoping post 1and 7/8 inches showing. Drop time 3 secs. Hope to hear back from someone soon. Regards.
  7. Hey everybody! This is my newest video featuring the GoPro 3 Black Edition and the Glidecam iGlide. This was filmed in Oklahoma on Little River. Don't forget to watch in 720p or better! Let me know what you think! Review: I been using the iGlide for almost 5 months now and I am very pleased with what it can do, especially after practice. It has held up well and it is small enough to take anywhere. I have done bigger youtube projects as well as home video with the family on special occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. I will say this over and over. It takes time to learn how to maneuver this unit or any glidecam for that matter to get those "buttery smooth shots". For the price there isn't a better camera stabilizer in my opinion. Practice, practice, practice. Keep your demands reasonable with this unit and you will start getting the footage you will want.
  8. I could not balance my iGlide, so I added a quick fine-tune plate using magnets to dial in on the center pole balance we all want. Hope this helps some people out. Any questions about the plate and magnets I added, feel free to ask!
  9. Hope this will help someone out. please ask if you have any questions.
  10. Hi there I have the hd-4000 with x-10 vest- flying a Sony FS100 on it with and have the camera properly balanced on the sled. However whenever I move forward or back with the sled it begins to sway back and forth and is not smooth. I know it is balanced properly so I am confused as to why my sled is still swaying around. Any advice/help would be great appreciated!
  11. I posted the wrong model in the header. I have an XR2000 with a Nikon D7000. My lenses vary, but the 35 1.8 is a good go to. Can someone tell me of a best way to balance this thing? I have 4 screws to adjust and it seems like jack screws would work better. The smallest adjustment throws it off.