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Found 7 results

  1. Full Glidecam Gold Rig upgraded for HD-SDI by Glidecam in Massachusetts. Sled with Anton Bauer battery plates, two monitors,3 types of low mode-f bracket and 2 S hooks, camera cage, two camera plates, dual battery charger, all kinds of cables nuts and bolts and backup replacement parts.Gold Arm very smooth and capable of flying DSLRS to full size film and Digital cinema packagesVestSled Stand Hill Docking BracketDoes not include the magliner and post (just used it to display the rig and take pictures)customized pelican 1650 rolling casepelican 1610 rolling caseThe entire rig fits neatly in the two pelicans for travel.Sled has both 12 and 24volt capabilities for flying various camera systems.Has Red and Arri power cables or XLR for any camera out there.I had the entire rig looked at by Glidecam recently when I had it upgraded. The Technician told me it was the cleanest, well maintained rig that has come across his bench.This really is a nice smooth and comfortable rig for anyone looking to get into steadi or as a backup rig.Thank youTotal Price $10,500Tags: Arri camera Optimo Angenieux cooke zeiss moviecam camera arricam Panavision Red camera canon lenses motion picture lenses motion picture cameras oconner head steadicam glidecam remote head remote camera follow focus digital motion picture cameras HD cameras High Definiton camera digital video Alexa camera red epic red one red mx canon 5d mark ii Panasonic varicam sony f35 sony cinealta jvc camera 3D camera
  2. Hello all! I am selling my Glidecam 4000pro w/ Smooth Shooter Vest & Arm setup. Everything is is excellent condition and I've only actually used the rig a few times. Comes with the Smooth Shooter Vest & Arm, The Glidecam 4000pro Sled and all the other things like the weights and plates, and all other accessories that came with the kit when I bought it. I'm willing to let this awesome setup go for $499 + shipping. Please let me know if you're interested! You can email me at as well. Thank you! Derek
  3. Hello, If anyone is interested, I am selling a well taken care of glidecam x10 vest and arm. Both show signs of use, but well taken care of! Check out the ebay link if you are looking to buy!
  4. Good rig that can handle any weight (18lb-56lb with the current springs in my arm). Had this post up last year but decided to keep it but now I'm moving to Malaysia and want to part with my equipment. Included Stuff: Sled Arm Vest Docking Bracket Catgriller Sushi Sever lowmode cage 6 Frezzi AB batteries and charger Hummingbird monitor The sled is wired for SD but I can also throw in an Decimator 2 p.s. I am especially interested in selling the arm, so I will sell the equipment separately if necessary. Here is also the Baer Bel website: http://shop.strato.d...7979/Categories pm me for more information and pictures
  5. What possibilities do you see to increase the friction of the hinge of the X-22 arm? I am very sure that its ease of movement is the reason for that "banging" during running shots. I compared the arm to arms by Tiffen and they are much less frictionless under load and do not bang although the degree of freedom of the hinge is similar. The angle between the two arm sections keeps nearly the same while operating whereas the angle of the X-22 arm does not and the hinge swings to and fro and hits the arm sections a lot. Steffen
  6. It is difficult to explain: When I run with my Glidecam X-22 the elbow of the arm (connector of the two arm sections) comes often to its limit and clanks to the arm section which holds the sled. This brings jerks in the frame and of course a metallic sound. The plastic washer is already worn after a few running shots. To avoid the behavior a have to fly the sled very close to my body and precisely on my right side (I'm on goofy). This is difficult when I run forward because I prefer flying the rig at approx. 2 o'clock (seen from above) to keep my balance, adjust my speed better, and pan the camera. I once owned a Glidecam X-10. The issue never happened with that arm. It is differently constructed: the elbow is angular, not straight like the X-22's. So, how do you run with the X-22? The X-22 arm seems to have construction bugs in general, besides that it is faaaar too strong (see other post). When I fully boom up and down there is a noticable "jump" in the movement. It is at the point where the two arm sections are both evenly tensed. That makes it difficult to boom with a constant speed. Again, with the X-10 this problem never occured. I will post a video these days which will show what I mean. Steffen