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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, Is there any store that sells spare counter weight plates for HD-2000? I lost 8 of mine when i was moving to a new house. I found one in B&H, but it says that its for HD-1000. Is it the same dimension with the HD-2000? Regards, Thomas Davis
  2. Hi everyone! I just joined the glidecam club. I bought a XR-2000 secondhand on ebay to use with my C100 - and I have a question that maybe you can help me with. My question is not about balancing or set up - plenty of youtube vids to help with that and I'm close there. My question is about how you deal with holding the weight of the glidecam and camera/lens with one arm! I find it very taxing. I'm pretty fit but my arm will shake with the weight - is there a technique to holding the actual gimbal arm? Or is this something that you just become accustomed to? Anyone else experienced this? I also noticed that the XR-2000 is no longer being manufactured. Is there anything I need to know there? And finally - anyone who uses the C100 on a glidecam - do you guys and gals always strip the top handle and side handle from the C100 to aid balance and reduce weight? I find I can balance it almost perfect with the extras but its just a touch off. Anyhow - appreciate any help you experts might be able to give. Thank you in advance! Happy bonfire night!
  3. Hi Guys, I've just placed an order for a Sony A7s and was wondering if it might be too light for either Glidecam 1000 or 2000? I heard the minimum weight for 1000 is 1.5lb and the A7s weighs in under 1lb, is there anything you guys recommend? I have the option to buy either 1000 or 2000, would prefer the 2000 as ive heard its better to control, but heard the minimum weight requirement is a lot more than the 1000. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you Bini
  4. I have a self-made weight plate for smaller cameras on top of my Glidecam X-22. It weighs approx. 5 kg. With a camera I have ca. 7,5 on top. With this amount I have set the gimbal relatively high on the post and extracted the telescoping post relatively long. The X-22 is for cameras up to 11,5 kg. I wonder how I should balance such a heavy sled. The post length and gimbal height are limited. I think I have to put some weight on the bottom of the sled. Is this correct? I once owned a Glidecam X-10, which had plates. The X-22 has none. In addition: The sled including the camera weighs 11,5 kg. With this setup the arm springs are still set to zero. I don't have a heavy camera available but I doubt that I ever can set the tension of the springs to their strongest position 10. Is the arm to strong for the X-22 sled? Steffen