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  1. Thanks Tom. The feet - I've got 4 on, equally spaced so hopefully that will be ok. But worst case I will try without (just makes it harder to put down). I guess I can find something similar to replace them with. I have got a good drop time, and regarding the centre of gravity - that is just based on making the fine-tuning adjustments , yes? If so, I have done that. I seem to have it balanced but it's wobbling still. I think the problem may be the weight at the top isn't enough. It's a GH5 and only tried it so far with the 12-35mm lens (I have some larger heavier lenses but not tried them yet). Am I right in thinking if the weight at the top isn't enough - even with a good drop time - that could cause a wobble? I've literally not had chance to try more weight since thinking about this but hope to try later either with a bigger lens, or putting some weights on the top etc. Thanks John
  2. Basically, I'm always getting a little bit of wobble. Anyone have any ideas or can confirm whether I can use a cage/flip screen etc? Thanks
  3. Hey all, brand new user, HD2000. Having problems balancing (surprise!) Can someone please advise me - am I ok leaving my GH5 in its smallrig cage (with handle)? And am I ok having the flip screen out? I've got really close, but not perfect. Drop test is fine, but spin test tends to go off. One other potential problem. I picked it up second hand and I just noticed today that some of the rubber feet are missing. There was one more on one side than the other. I've now removed one from the other side so it is more balanced (there are two on the left hand side of one of the feet, and two on the right hand side of the other). Could this be causing the problems with spinning? Should I take them all off? Thanks!