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    Can't secure camera

    The washers fixed the problem! Thanks!
  2. RajBombay

    Cleaning A Glidecam Hd-4000 Bearing

    It sounds like you don't need to take the bearing setup apart, just remove the head assembly. How does the Super Lube get applied if you don't take the bearing setup apart? The stuff is thick and won't just saturate down.
  3. Hey guys, My glidecam is pretty balanced, but when I move side to side the glidecam hd2000 does a slight rotation to the left. The unit stays vertical, but it just slightly spins to the left. How do I fix this? Mike
  4. Hey guys, I have the HD-2000 and I'm trying to mate it with my Canon 6D w/ Tokina 16-28mm lens. I'm unable to secure the camera to the base plate, it seems to spin when i try the drop test; I hold it in a horizontal position and the lens will swivel down on the base plate. How do I fix this?