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  1. Not to hi-jack the thread, but just add in: I have a simulation issue with the HD-2000 I purchased second hand as well. I’ve had it for about a year and have really been practicing very much. I have been experiencing with a light setup (5D Mark IV + 16-35) with 1-2 weights on each side and a heavier setup (5D Mark IV w/battery grip + 16-35 + video mic) with 3-4 weights on each side. Drop time is 2-3 seconds and it hangs perfectly dead when I‘m holding it with my right hand, rotates on its own axis when I spin it, but as soon as I shift to my left hand I have to rebalance it front/back and sidewise. Don‘t believe it should be that way. It also means that level horizon is not possible, almost with the heavy setup, but not as good as I know it can. I have no physical stores near to my home, so I have to order a new one to see if it‘s me or the glidecam that‘s drunk.