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  1. Hey Greg thanks again for replying. Im not really sure what the 1/4 20" mount refers to with regards to the DG glidecam but I'm really struggling to find out if the manfrotto 323 quick release would screw on top?? Seen here;
  2. Hi Greg thanks so much for the reply. Funny you mention adding another quick release plate because I was thinking about how my tripod has the 323 quick release adapter with 200pl plate and how it would be annoying to change from glidecam plate to tripod plate. Do you think a 323 quick release adapter - seen here - would screw onto the top of the Devin Graham quick release?? This would also provide me with an extra 170grams of weight!!
  3. Hi all, I was just wondering if there are any Devin Graham glidecam users out there who also use the Panasonic gh4 with 12 - 35mm lumix lens??? I am wanting to purchase the glidecam but the specs show it's minimum weight as 2lb (900grams).The gh4 with above mentioned lens comes in slightly under that at 860grams. Im worried if I buy this glidecam I will not be able to balance it properly due to the top being too light, so wondering for those that have this setup have you added weight and if so how have you done it??! Many thanks