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  1. I believe that the gimbal is the same on both systems! I have used both and I can't see any differences. From my experience you can push the weight on the HD2000 especially if you have an arm and vest. You can definitely buy counterweights from Glidecam as well. You can email to inquire about purchasing more weights. Lastly, I am selling an HD 4000 on ebay if you can't find a solution to your issues. Cheers!
  2. Hello, I am now selling a glidecam hd 4000. I will include the ebay link on here for anyone who may be interested. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for your time!
  3. Hello, If anyone is interested, I am selling a well taken care of glidecam x10 vest and arm. Both show signs of use, but well taken care of! Check out the ebay link if you are looking to buy!
  4. Hello, Has anyone out there ever used this combination? I am curious to know if it would work and how you would set it up. I imagine you could mount the odyssey at the front of sled and run power from an idx/gold mount at the back. Would the payload of the camera be too heavy for the bottom? Any suggestions or tips would be awesome. You are thanked.