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  1. I managed to upload a video showing my problem with glidecam.
  2. I do not have the possibility to upload any video right now. However, I will try to describe everything in detail. My camera is GoPro 4 Black with bacpack LCD screen in an alluminium frame and with 52mm filter. Together it all weighs 271 grams. I use plastic GoPro mount in quick release. On top I have 2 additional plates (187 grams each) which I got together with the glidecam. I do not use any weight on bottom part of glidecam, I only regulate the center post. Right now I use 2-2,5 sec. drop time. The thing is that its not about the glidecam swaying horizontally but that the camera turns to the left and turns back to central position (only turns into one side for a few milimeteres but it is visible on the footage) when I make a step. I tried operating with one hand, or two hands and in both cases the problem appears. When I operate with both hands I just have longer moments of not appearing of the problem. However when I operate with the camera upside down, it does not happen at all. Even if I added more weights, the problem still occurs. I do not know if my problem is in any way connected with the thing that the glidecam is off center after turning to 180 degrees. It is so frustrating becasue this effect cannot be removed in post production at all. Please let me know if you need any additional information. I tried to be as precise as I can. Thanks for help. Any ideas are much appreciated.
  3. Hello I bought Glidecam XR-PRO three weeks ago. During filming the camera glides but also moves horizontally a little from side to side. I have experimented with a different drop times but always the same thing is going on. Also with any gentle move of the handle, the whole Glidecam with camera moves to the sides for a few milimeters. Also after (I hope) properly balancing the Glidecam, when camera is facing straight ahead its balanced, turning 90 degrees too, but when turned 180 degrees it swerves to the right and front. Hope you could help me since I'm out of clue right now.