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  1. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum here, and just started my Glidecam adventures! Last week I bought a used HD4000 (for € 110). It looks a bit worn (scratches, paint loss, some rust). I bought it as a gamble, but hope with a proper CLA and some replacement parts I can get this baby up and running again. To make sure I'm not missing important points, I need your help. First of all, I took everything apart, used some de-ruster on removable parts, applied some paint, and figured out which parts were missing (1 lock knob for the head, 1 knob for the base). I've weighed my BMPCC with lenses and I need 2 "Glidecam Camera Weight Plates" (360gram each) to get it around 2kg weight on top. So far, so good. Now I have two questions concerning what to look for when CLA'ing a Glidecam: - Does it matter that parts are scratched, rusted and/or slightly bent? For example: the 'rails' for the front-back adjustment/lock knobs are a bit crooked. Is this a matter of carefully adjusting the balance? Or does this mean it gets 'unbalanceable'? - I am working on the gimbal part. Found instructions here to use light oil, WD40, light oil (again), WD40 (again), then Teflon / PTFE spray to get the bearings smooth (I whipped out all the excess oil, WD40 and debris). Now after this process there is still some very slight noise coming from inside, and I can feel a really - really - slight 'tick' at one point when turning the centre post. I am wondering how bad this is. Will this affect the working of the Glidecam badly? Will it affect the balance? Or only the turning? If I use my other hand for 'steering' the Glidecam's centre post, can I work around this quirk? Hope you can help me, thanks!