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  1. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    Hi Tom, I've only just seen your response. Here is a picture of my set up. I was using this set up last week and still getting the same issue. I don't understand why? Do you have any suggestions?
  2. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    In the video there is some clips with the a7sii in there
  3. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    Ran some more tests on a variety of different set ups and still getting the same issue. Take a look at the video below: Seems the only way going forward is to get the Devin Graham Signature Series because I don't get the same problem with that!
  4. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    Hey Guys, I used my a7sii on the Glidecam HD4000 last weekend and didn't have the issue at all. I kept the QR plate on too. Seems very strange why this is happening? Perhaps a service is in order? I will give a try at adding the different components. I'll start with trying it with the microphone off, and see what that does for me? I'll also try both handheld, and on the tripod moving as I would with a Glidecam... If not I am at a complete loss.
  5. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    Just got back from holiday today and ran some more tests and unfortunately still facing the same issue. I had just updated my Metabones software prior to going away and thought this might be the cause of the issue, but sadly its not. I just can't seem to work out what is causing it. My exact set up is as follows Sony FS7, BP60 Battery, Top Handle, LCD screen, Rode NTG2 Microphone and Canon 17-40. When I weight this all it comes in below the weight limit for the HD4000. This is situated on a Manfrotto 501 Quick Release Plate. There is absolutely no give in the Manfrotto Plate its solid, all the screws and everything on the Glidecam are really tight, the glidecam itself is properly balanced too. The only place where there is a bit of give is the Microphone in it's shock mount, but can see this being the sole cause of the problem. Am beginning to also question myself as well, because when holding it my hand is shaking ever so slightly. Any further thoughts from anyone? Would the Devin Graham Signature Series be the next viable option?
  6. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    Thanks Greg! 1. I have an a7sii and I will see if that has the same issue with the same lenses. 2. Media cards are Sony XQD 128gb 400mbs, I highly doubt it would be them as they function really well. 3. I use Premier Pro, and yeah I can see the jitter when viewing it in Sony Catalyst browser before I even put them into Premier. I think I am also going to try the FS7 without the Manfrotto Quick Release Plate and see if that makes any difference. Will also double check that all screws are absolutely tight (pretty sure they are though). Always use Manual Focus Mode, my choice of lens for the Glidecam is Canon 17-40 F4.0 or maybe a Samyang Cine 24mm or 35mm. The lens adapter is a Metabones Speed Booster Ultra (I have just updated the software on this, perhaps that might have been causing the issue). My FS7 is entirely up to date. I'm actually away for the next weeks but will run some tests when I am back to see if the same issue occurs. Thanks again
  7. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    Yeah so frustrating! Doing my head in because I'm confident of my Glidecamming skills but something is going wrong. I'm going to run a few tests when I get a chance without the Manfrotto Quick Release Plate and see if that causes the problem. Thanks for the props, they are just raw from the camera so no stabilisation in post. The only reason I tend to stabilise is to get rid of this jitter issue, so frustrating.
  8. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    So I never actually got round to fully sorting this problem.My usual set up is Sony FS7, Metabones Speedbooster Ultra, Canon 17-40, Top handle, LCD screen and a Rode NTG2. This comes in below the recommended weight for the Glidecam HD-4000. I am still getting this Jitter problem, please see the below: anyone else struggling with this? The 17-40 does not have image stabilisation so it can't be that? I didn't realise Metabones adapters required updates so I am in the process of updating those, would it be something to do with that. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  9. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    So yeah just doubled checked and I am running the Canon 17-40mm which has now IS. Strangely though when I used to run my 5D Mark III with this lens I never had this issue. The microphone attachment on my FS7 is a touch loose, beginning to think this could be the problem....
  10. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    Is that within the FS7 itself? I have IS on the lens...
  11. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    Hello All, I have been noticing a lot on my footage lately with my FS7 with the Glidecam HD4000 that I am getting a lot of jitter/bobble - much like seen in this example: Prior to using the FS7 I used the 5D Mark III and had no problem. so I am trying to establish the issue. Could it be 1) It's just a lot heaver so causing arm shake - I don't think this is the problem as I'd say I'm fairly strong 2) Using the Manfrotto Quick Release Plate with it? 4) Or because of the shape of the FS7, the top plate with the HD4000 isn't the best for it and perhaps the Devin Graham would be better. Would much appreciate some advice and help, it's driving me nuts. Regards, Josh