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  1. Hi, For the third time I made a video about the Color Run that took place in Paris few days ago. FIlmed with an iPhone X, a Samsung NX1 and a Glidecam, I hope you'll enjoy ! Many photos of the color run on my instagram if you're interested
  2. After many years filming with glidecam I made a best of. I hope you'll enjoy and give me your feedback !
  3. Hello, After weeks of work and filming, here is a new video I made with a glidecam DGS and a Samsung NX1. Tell me what you think about it, I hope you'll enjoy Sacha
  4. Hello, There was a flood in Paris so I took my camera and my glidecam and I went along the Seine river to film it ! Tell me what you think about it and give me your advices I hope you'll enjoy =)
  5. Hello, I made a video ( a second one actually ) about Guadeloupe, a french carribean island. It was filmed with a Nikon D810 and a samsung NX1. Of course i stabilize it with a glidecam devin graham signature (for more tech details open the description of the video or just ask me) I hope you'll enjoy, don't forget to tell me what you think about it and give me some advices and critics Thanks
  6. Thank you The audio is always hard to find
  7. Hello, Sunday I took my glidecam, my cameras and I went to the Paris Color Run to capture this awesome event ! I just released the video about it in 4K (after only 1 and a half day of editing and color grading ). If you enjoyed it don't forget to share it on your social medias (and maybe on glidecam facebook ? Who knows ? It would be an honor ) , it would be really nice and help me a lot Have fun watching it ! Sacha
  8. Hello, I want to introduce you to a new video I just made. It's a ride in longboard throught Paris filmed in 4K with a Samsung NX1 and stabilized with a Glidecam (for other technical details check the description of the video or ask me ) It's my first sport video, I think there's a lot of defaults so give me your advices and observations because I want to improve my filming skills. And if you enjoyed, feel free to share it on social medias Thanks
  9. Hi everyone ! After 2 weeks of hard working I just released my video about Guadeloupe, a French carribean Island ! I mainly used a Samsung NX1 and a glidecam Devin Graham Signature (for the other things i used open the description of the video or just afk me ) I really hope you'll enjoy ! In this case don't forget to share it on social medias, it would be really cool and if you didn't, just tell me why, i would like to get better in videomaking ! Enjoy the video ! Sacha
  10. Hello, I would like to buy a quick release for my tripod which can work with the dovetail plate i received with my DGS glidecam. Does anyone knows if i will be able to put my camera with the dovetail plate i receive with the DGS on this quick release ? Thank you very much