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  1. Hello Levi I`m selling my Glidecam HD2000 on Ebay shortly. I`m in Switzerland though the Glidecam is in the UK and will be posted from there. Let me know if you`re interested.
  2. Thanks for your reply Tom. I coudn`t find anything on the product you mentioned. Sounds like it was a transitory event. The Eroz might also be, I don`t know. That might depend more on how much motorised stabilizers become the new norm than the merit of the Eroz device itself perhaps.
  3. I`d be interested in your thoughts on the new Eroz Steady Aid handle which attaches to the Glidecam to make it a two-handed operation: http://www.erozsteady.com/ Is it a case of "if you can`t handle it well with one hand you won`t with two"? or do you think this could be of benefit? I bought an HD-2000 a few months back and am one of the many having teething problems in flying it well. Thanks Ian