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  1. Answer to Grizzlyak: You use a small camera and I have the Panasonic HPX250 camcorder which is quite larger and heavier. Do you think it would hold that camcorder too???
  2. Not always that easy to find the right plate that will match the tripod head. My tripod is a Miller and I bought another Miller adapter plate to put on the Glidecam not realizing (picture above - Tom Howie-as shown at B&H) that there is a piece metal underneath the adapter plate that makes it impossible to put on the Glidecam. I still can't use the Glidecam!!! Too long to attach without the quick release! Still hoping for some help!!!
  3. I already tried the Monfrotto 577 plate (B&H told me that is what I needed) and I also bought the Miller adapter plate (same as my tripod). There is a protruding piece underneath the under the Miller adapter that makes it impossible to put on the Glidecam 4000. I can't see how to upload the picture here to show what I mean. Tried 2 different browsers and the same problem. I am VERY disappointed in Glidecam for that reason. Could not use the Glidecam all summer and was too busy to return it in the time B&H allows for returns. Glidecam needs to solve the problem for the adapter plate!!!! Also Glidecam should supply extra screws when we buy the Glidecam. One was lost and I had to place an order to replace one missing screw. More time and money!!!
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    I will try Chrome and will come back to tell you...
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    I could not find the upload button when I use the box below maked: Reply to this topic but when I try the liknk you gave me Try our basic uploader I can see the attach files button... Where is that link located when I try to reply to the topic???
  6. Where can I upload images for the forum???
  7. I have to go back for another shooting and will study your solution when I come back. Thank you very much for your answer!!!
  8. I was gone shooting film and just saw the your answer this morning. I did buy the Miller 313 Quick Release Plate Adapter (expensive and too late for return) but there is still a problem... There is a protruding piece of metal underneath the Miller adapter that makes it impossible to put the adapter on the Glidecam. That piece is necessary to secure the HPX250 in place. The picture you posted above does not show the piece underneath. I wanted to post the picture here (underneath the adapter), but did not find how to upload my picture yet. Thank you for your answer.
  9. I have the Miller SOLO DV20 Carbon Fiber Tripod System - consists of: DS-20 Fluid Head, SOLO DV 2-Stage Tripod Panasonic HPX camcorder Glidecam HD 4000 What would be the best quick release plate to move fast from the tripod to the Glidecam? I should buy 2 quick release adaptor, right?
  10. I bought the Glidecam HD-4000 and I wanted to put a quick release plate on both my tripod (Miller tripod) and the Glidecam so that I could make a change quickly between the two. I bought the Monfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adaptor with Sliding Mounting Plate that B&H recommended for that purpose. The Monfortto sliding plate does not fit my Panasonic HPX250 camcorder. Adding the camera to the Glidecam, balancing etc. is too slow for production. What would be the best solution??? Thanks for your support,