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  1. Try a 2-3 second drop time. Also, a try to ease into my movements with my arms first, then my body. This will keep the glidecam from wobbling forward and back. Hope this helps, Ian
  2. Ill be using my HD4000 for a long time. Until my camera outgrows it, I guess. The thing I like about it though is that there are very few moving parts and no electronics. Simplicity. I don't have to worry about rain, batteries, firmware, and whatever else. Ian
  3. Another great day with the Glidecam and my 5D mark iii.
  4. Anyone out there use a Glidecam for live event coverage? I use mine for weddings, but I recently used my HD-4000 for a beer festival for breast cancer research. Check out the video and let me know what you think. I think that the Glidecam has no limits. Ian
  5. I take mine apart and wrap my clothes around the parts. That way, it is protected from them throwing my bag. I use an fstop backpack for my camera and hand carry that.
  6. I walk like I have a a book on my head. Also, try to walk quietly as well. I mean don't let your feet stomp on the ground. Your whole body should be gliding along. Hope this helps. Ian
  7. I use the HD-4000 and I love it for the 5D3. Thanks for making an amazing product!
  8. Hi Tom. I use the HD-4000 and a drop time of 2-3 seconds. For this piece, I had a drop time closer to 2 seconds. Thank you!
  9. I am amazed everytime I shoot with the Glidecam. Yes, the shots are amazing to look at, but I am particularly blown away by the storytelling ability of this tool. In my recent work, I love the way the audience is flying through my scene: transcending time, history, and boundaries as the message in the film narrates to. Please let me know your thoughts. Criticism is welcome. Ian
  10. That was FUN! I just subscribed. Would love to see a BTS. I was trying to figure out how you got lifted. Forklift? Human pyramid? Pixie dust? Great work. Just subscribed. Ian
  11. Hi Everyone. I'm new here to the forum and to Glidecam products. So far, I'm a fan for life. They help me create the shots I'm looking for every time. Check out my footage and let me know what you think. Comment on here and on youtube. "Like" it if you do like it too. If you don't like it, well let me know! C Cheers, Ian