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  1. I had to think outside the box a bit but I finally solved the Nikon d800 glidecam problem and it works perfectly with the manfrotto 577 quick release now. No more spinning while tuning the drop time, no more spinning period. I did not have to mod the 577 or the hd2000, so no warranty voids. I did have to reconfigure and create a key but its a simple 5 minute job. I would need to post a video otherwise it doesn't make much sense. But I just wanted to say to Nikon d600 d800 users, don't give up. I also spent time with about 10 lenses and again would need a video to illustrate what works and what doesn't. But this thing now rocks. hd2000 and D800 are a perfect combo, the hd4000 wanted more weight, a lot more weight.
  2. noway, you would absolutely need the HD2000. As for the start recording.. give yourself a 5 second or 10 second lead in.
  3. alright I watched every video possible. I spent 2 weeks with the glidecam. It definitely takes some serious muscle strengthening. I am pretty strong but a 3 minute run was about the most I could do without a little break. The good news, I got some great shots and I managed to be able to tune the glidecam to any lens. My videos are pretty damn stable and glide like crazy. I am really happy with the results. Now the bad. I cannot use the glidecam as much as I would like. Because very simply the quick release issue. When I use a lens that is heavy, like 24oz and above then the camera swivels on the supplied cheese plate as there is only one contact point. I can tighten that screw as much as humanely possible and the camera will still spin. This causes me to need to retune the thing after pretty much every use. I also have a big problem doing the drop time without the camera spinning on that screw, again makes things a nightmare for tuning. I have 4 different quick releases at my house and I tried them all with no success. The 577 that came with the glidecam is absolutely useless with the glide cam. Even if I mod the cheese plate to accommodate the holes I still cannot turn the lever and I looked into the idea of raising with a post the 577 and it make the glidecam not that stable, lots of sway. So unfortunately as much as I want to love it, I am most likely returning the glidecam. I have a few videos coming up that I am doing for a few larger corporations where a glidecam would be fun but its almost more of a headache than it is worth with this kind of mounting system. The constant tuning because the camera did a little bit of a spin just makes one seem very unprofessional even if you are quick with the retune. I can tune this thing up in about 5 minutes perfectly, but the constant need to retune just makes things look silly. Bummer.
  4. Ok I now have it tuned with my 28 1.8g. If I can just get a quick release and the 1lb heavier 16-28 in tune then I will be set. Without a quick release the 16-28 causes the camera to spin on the screw.
  5. Ok, I removed the quick release. I used my D800 with my 50mm and I was able to tune it perfectly with no camera spinning around on the screw. The base had 1 plate on each side, 2 second drop time. I now need to figure out how to add a quick release and 1 more pound of weight in a wide angle lens. Ideally it would be great if the 577 worked but it doesn't. And with a heavier lens the camera spins on the screw. So some progress.
  6. Thanks Tom for the reply. I guess I am in a bit of a pickle. I would be ok with drilling just one hole if I knew the HD2000 would then work, but since I am a new glidecam user I am sure it would take me a few tries to get the exactallignment. I would also like to see the thing in action before I void its warranty and replacement ability. As for the HD4000 well its a thought, but the truth is my camera and lens weighs under 4lbs, with filter and microphone I just get close to 5lbs. My point, I am often just using camera and lens weighing under 4lbs I feel like the hd4000 will not see the weight it needs.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I am a bit more confused now?? Why would the kit include a 577 if it is not compatible? If I have to modify the 577 or hd2000 does that void warranty/returns? I would imagine yes. I hate the idea of buying a different quick release, as its a time waster and how can I be sure it will work if the kit included 577 does not? Lastly with 4-5 pounds of camera, lens, filter, microphone I would imagine that I would want a dual point screw in mount. Without the 577 a single screw mount directly to the glidecam causes the camera to spin, which is awful. Same thing happens when the 577 is mounted via a single screw. Bummed!
  8. Ok guys, love the videos. Love the work you guys are doing. I love the potential of the glidecam. I am a Nikon D800 shooter. I am doing some commercial videos and need the glide. I bought a HD2000 kit that comes with a manfrotto 577 quick release. This was from B&H. The two items came together as a package. However.. The manfrotto 577 seems incompatible. First off my 577 needs about 3 turns minimum on the tightening lever to tighten the plate, well unless I sit the 577 to the extreme right then I have no access to turning the plate lever??? I can get the HD200 balanced and working and then I add the plate to the far right so I can access the plate and then the whole thing is a mess and cannot be tuned. The second issue. My camera with a 24-70 or a 16-28 like I use or even my 28mm total in weight about 3-4lbs. So it is within the 2-6lb range limit. But, I need two screws to fasten the camera to the HD2000 and the only way to do this is to use the 577 but the two supplied screws do not both fit the holes? The one screw fits perrectly, the second supplied screw is too fat by a tiny tiny bit? I guess I could buy another screw but the second issue is the holes on the HD2000 plate do not align with the 577 plate holes?? So there is no way possible to use the 577 as I can only attach it via 1 screws, well this in theory seems acceptable but the weight of the camera and lens causes the camera to within minutes to spin and it screws everything up. And again unless I have the 577 to the far right on the HD2000 plate then I have no access to the tension knob which needs a good 3 turns to lock down the 577 plate. I have watched every glidecam video I can find and I see nothing regarding this?? I understand everything about the glidecam and how it all works but this mounting issue. It is very frustrating because if I could just mount the camera with the plate I could fly, but flying is not in the cards. I seriously am frustrated. Help me out, what am I not understanding? Thanks so much