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  1. Eroz is just far too expensive. For Europe it would be $185 + $ 30 for shipping, a Total off $215. Import Taxes 21%, so european end price including handling costs $ 260
  2. It is not always needed to buy a hd series glidecam , certainly not in Europe with real heavy prices for glidecam. I do have both the xr-1000 and hd-2000. xr series difficult to balance left right as well as for and after. Tighten screws for left and right and off balance again with for and after. So I bought some mini magnets in 4,6,8,10 etc ( gram ) from Germany company I balance for and after for 95%, then I balance left and right exactly. To finetune for and after, when left right was perfect I use mini magnets on the metal base plate weight plates to compensate with the mini magnets weight to get all perfectly in balance. It works for me, so think about it.