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  1. Ok great Tom thanks for the feedback.. Will drop some more questions here if that's ok should it help other folk.. as can't find much on the web. My weight will only be about 7.5 lbs with the 502 monitor mounted on the feet and so nothing like18lbs, thank heavens. How many springs should I use on the vest then and how many glidecam weights on the feet, all six I guess, minus whatever the monitor weighs. I'm pretty sure the Small HD 502 has a image flip screen. I was just wondering if you could flip that sort of camera weight and what adjustments would need to be made on the glidecam? I
  2. I have asked a DG question as well, but seems most forum folk are on mid year vacation for the moment ?
  3. Any advice, tips or suggestions please on setting up the above combination ? I could not believe how heavy the Dragon was on the DG when I quickly set it up the other day, so clearly need to dig out my X-10 vest for the first time, having originally bought it for the HD 2000 and 5D, but never needed to use. The stripped down non carbon fibre Dragon package with a Canon 16-35mm lens weighs just over 7lbs, if my calculations are correct. I plan to use my Small HD 502 monitor mounted below on the foot of the DG to minimise camera weight. Might also have to somehow mount the red volt or work out an alternative camera supply on the DG feet to reduce further weight. How one then flops the DG over to the low slung mode with having the monitor on the feet/wings, lord knows ? Any advice on how best to balance things, the amount of weights needed, do I extend the feet/wings of the DG and presumably I require all 4 springs on the X-10..?
  4. Sorry, I mean 9 pounds not 9Kgs ! Just weighing it roughly on the bathroom scale I get 4Kgs (8.8 pounds), but will get a more accurate reading tomorrow..
  5. Ok understood, I had removed alternate springs as I thought the tension might be better distributed between the two segments.
  6. Thanks Tom, when you say level, in relation to what ? When mounted on the arm, the camera is now sitting at a level working height rather than rising up or dropping down, so I presumed that the tension was ok. As I say I have searched for utube clips to give some tips or guidance on this, but surprisingly have not found anything yet.. Which of the four springs should I have removed or does it matter, as long as it was one from each segment of the arm ?
  7. I am wanting to use the Glidecam HD2000, X-10 vest/arm and Canon 5D mkII/16-35mm lens combination, with a Small HD DP4 monitor to be mounted on the foot of the sled in the near future. I seem to have balanced the HD2000, camera and 577qrp nicely, but I am struggling a bit with adding the X-10, having now removed two springs, the bottom spring from the first section of the arm and the top spring in the second section, the one closest to the camera. I have set the spring tension at just over 3 on the dial for both both sections. At the moment I am getting a smoother balance using the HD 2000 without the X-10, which is surely not correct ? There seem many utube videos showing very well how to balance the HD2000, but strangely nothing on the art of integrating it with the vest/arm ? The quick setup x-10 guide is also quite limiting on the actual operation side of things. I appreciate this is not simply a ‘plug in and play’ scenario and that much practice is required over time to perfect things, however I need to make sure I am set up correctly for starters. Any advice most welcome ?
  8. OK, got the manual in colour which helps a bit, have worked out how to remove the springs, but the previous question as to which two springs should be removed has not been answered yet, from what I can find ? Presumably one spring need to be removed from each of the two arm's segements, but should these be say both the lower springs on each segment, the top two, or one from the top and one from the bottom or does this make no difference in the performance or the balance ? There is no detailing of this in your Quick Step guide ?
  9. Thanks Mark, I will look it up, is this not the same Manf 577 on B&H for about 50$ ? I have the Ronford QRP for my larger HD cameras and tripods, but thought I should go for the lighter Manfrotto on the Glidecam where weight was critical, as it'sabout 150+grams lighter and has the option to slide for perfecting the balance, but perhaps the 577 is all I need and not the 357 with the longer plate...
  10. I urgently need to get a Manfrotto quick release plate for my Glidecam HD2000 and Canon 5dmk2 rig. I'm keen to know which Manfrotto QR plate would be more practical, the 357 with the longer plate so presumably more flexibilty with balancing, but might be too much in the way or the shorter more compact 577 model ? I will be mounting a small HD DP4 monitor on the foot, well that's the idea at this stage...
  11. Thanks Thomas. Just wondered if anybody has used the new SmallHD DP4 monitor on the foot of the HD2000 ? It's light weight(250g)and you can use the Canon camera batteries so this all interests me and I can also use it as an evf on the 5D or other cameras. if mounted on the foot of the Glidecam would the screen size be too small at that distance, even if it's just to give a guideline on the framing rather than focus ? I understand the actual picture size is 4.3" and so is pretty much the same as the Marshall 5", as it uses up the full screen. I have not been able to test any of the kit out here in Africa, so would welcome advice ?
  12. Hi thom, are these the measurements on the HDMI cable ?
  13. Ok I gather from the pics you can mount a small 300g monitor such as the Marshall 5" on the foot of the Glidecam HD4000 and in place of some of the counter weights, but can I do the same with the HD2000 ? Weight wise I'm using a Canon 5D and the L series Canon 16-35mm and 24-70mm lenses, won't be using any additional sound kit