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  1. no i am just curious how to make glidecam hd2000 or probably hd4000 work with red cameras.... it just seems nobody shoots with scarlet/epic with glidecam even on reduser nobody reply :-( those two photos up are only two i know, and not showing details of connecting/wiring/attachment to be able to follow it. i hope somebody will show his usable good working setup with detail instruction what parts are used... according to photos up, they are not 100% working setups. vmount smallest battery weight: 518 grams (1.1 pounds) vmount adapter weight: 420g (1 pound)
  2. is some of those setups your? still working with same after half a year it was published here? i dont see many details... .so interested in your setup
  3. any new cinematographers flying with glidecam hd4000 + red scarlet/epic here? so far i found only two people in this forum but posts are old and setups were very "indie" :-) anybody found comfoprtable working solution, solved fixature to connect monitors and batteries probably to lower part of glidecam? which cables, attachements?
  4. how to manage HD4000/2000 to go with Scarlet attached to switt battery which is kind of heavy? did somebody found and solution? i have on Scarlet DTAP and lemo power connector on camera, wondering if there is some battery which i would attach down and connect with cable (i have no DTAP output on batteries). setup on photo will be much lighter, i am just wondering about using batteries i already own, but probably have to buy and find some new solution....
  5. hmm, i am just going forward to remove two springs as well but i did not found out information in manual if the springs should be removed from lower or upper part of x10? is it irellevant? i use it with 5dMII as well...
  6. hello does anybody has an experience with overloading/overweight HD4000 & X10 arm/vest? i would need to do a specific shot on camera setup which has about 15pounds (7kg) and website says that maximum load capacity is about 10pounds (4.5kg).... it is just one specific shot about 20s long, will it be possible? any experience, advice?
  7. and an advice about HDMI cable for HD-2000... with 5dMII LENGHT: 1.5m and more is useless as i actually have on previous photos. minimum requiered i measurred is 0.8m so 1m will be ideal (0.75m if you have slightly different setup). TYPE: HDMI-HDMI is no chance to pull throught hd2000 stick so you need mini-hdmi on one side (cutted of as much as possible to reduce size of connector) reduced back to big HDMI later if needed. PS: 90° angled minihdmi reduce would be great since as you see on photos minihdmi from camera stick out quite a lot, but still usable.
  8. ok my first setup cookbook: v1 [5dmII, 24-70 2.8L IS USM @ 24mm, marshall V-LCD50HDMI] - upper: one top plate under the camera, camera screwed into last middle hd-2000 baseplate, adition plate is 1-2holes before last, centred (camera moved almost maximum to front on sidescrew, almost centered on LeftRight screw) - fron bottom: no small plates, no screws, only Liliputs "oncamera mount arm", MINIMUM expanded from main stick - back bottom: 3 small plates, MAXIMUM expanded - stick lowered as much as possible for the cable about 25mm from bottom next version will be with marshall original sunshade on monitor which is actualy to heavy that i ll have to use another upper plate or more probably tripod plate as many users have.
  9. i went to locksmith to drill the holes into the glidecam. he did it with rounded file. it is about 20mm wide (i hope it will not influence durability of HD-2000 in future) i hardly went thru with minihdmi connector which i cutted of from 18mm x 13mm > 13mm x 8mm. only problematic was the lenght finally which is around 4cm long. going inside was easy worse is going up out which will take me around 2mins to suceed. i thing the holes could be about 2mm smaller but not more (at least with minihdmi cables avilable in czech republic)
  10. hello, what are the posssibilities of attaching monitors to glidecam? (i have x10 + hd2000) i have seen some smaller "gliding arm" and than somthing what looked like some one-axis-rotated-rig connected to the bottom forward counterweight. does exist some solution where i can use my magicarm to screw in?