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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Tom... Darn...please put that on my Christmas wish list would ya? ;-p ...Ric
  2. Looks great Tom...nice price too...there's a serious gap in gear like this for the HDslr market...looks like this could easily fill it. Thinking a little out of the box here but any idea if that head could be controlled by something like an MX2 controller ( http://dynamicperception.com/?main_page=wordpress&page_id=67 ) so we could adapt it to our Motion Control devices for TimeLapse or stop motion shooting? Seems like that would double it's usefulness and make it even easier to justify... Thanks...Ric
  3. Visited with Tom at NAB and he was gracious enough to run through the setup and tuning of an HD2000 rig with me in great detail... I rough cut it into 3 parts totaling 38 mins...something there for everyone
  4. Hi Mike... I was having the same type of problem with the HD2000 and my Nikon D7000 (which is about the same size as the 7D) until I spent some time with Tom at NAB ... He showed me that with a 20mm/2.8 and the camera I only needed 1 weight on each side BUT I needed to extend the wings all of the way out...This made a HUGE difference in the stability...Now now shakiness and stumbling is just me ;-p BTW: if you're serious about trading down let me know...I'd love to be able to fly a bigger lens and my smallHD monitor with mine but it would put my (like new) HD2000 over it's limit...the 4000 might just be what I need. ...Ric Ric Kasnoff | Photographer ric@ricphoto.com http://www.ricphoto.com twitter: @ricphoto Adobe Certified Instructor | Apple Certified Trainer Member: APA (National VP) | NANPA | NPPA | PLUS
  5. Thanks Tom...I'll make a point of making you one of my first stops...both for the "tune-up" and a short interview for the magazine as a follow-up to the "Rigging for Travel" article where I mentioned I just had to get a glidecam after meeting and working with Vinnie... ( http://www.photomediaonline.com/?p=2416 see "Learning from experience" section of the main article and 3 days with Gale at bottom) fly safe...see you there ...Ric Ric Kasnoff | Photographer ric@ricphoto.com http://www.ricphoto.com Adobe Certified Instructor | Apple Certified Trainer Member: APA (National VP) | NANPA | NPPA | PLUS
  6. I'll be covering NAB for Photomedia Magazine and noticed that Glidecam will be there... any chance I could bring my HD2000 rig by and have someone walk me through the set-up problems I'm still having? Thanks...Ric
  7. Had a chance to meet and briefly work with Vinnie in December while covering Gale Tattersalls HDslr workshop for PhotoMedia Magazine. Nice guy...very willing to share and teach... He's the one who convinced me to get the HD2000 over the other one for my Nikon D7000/14-24/2.8 setup... trouble is it looked so easy when he set it up...now I'm in "rotational hell" 4 weights on bottom (2+2), wings extended an inch or so, 2 sec drop time...horizontal and fore/aft balance good...but flat spins on horizontal plane as soon as I start moving... any ideas? more weight? (I'm at about 3lbs with camera and lens and quick release) Thanks...Ric