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  1. I want to use my Sony FS seven with a PL lens probably weighs 15 pounds. What’s the lightest weight glide cam I can use to carry a 15 pound camera. And how heavy would the sled be to carry a 15 pound camera. I know the arms are rated for both the camera plus the weight of the sled.
  2. Wow. This is a huge pain in the rear especially because all of the cameras I would be using have all their controls on the left side of the camera. Further investigation shows the system is hard welded to work with the camera only on the left side. Not adjustable. It looks like I will have to re-weld or replace the center vest plate and post and the bracket where the double arm meets the single arm. Ouch. Anyone have any answers?
  3. I bought a V-16 and the post is on my right hip so the camera sits on my left side. I prefer it on my left hip with the camera on my right. The mount is welded and is not adjustable. Is there a source for the opposite post?
  4. It seems like Glidecam is constantly discountinuing models 8, 16, 20. is this something I need to worry about. We currently own the v-8
  5. I use different weight cameras. How would I go about converting a Glidecam V-16 to a V-20? Is it just changing the springs? What is the difference between the two rigs? Bob Hayes DP