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  1. Thank you for adding. I have not used these ones
  2. Tom Howie

    Best glide cam for Sony FS 7

    GLDGS will carry up 12 lbs The Glidecam X-20 Arm with X-30 Sled is a great combination!
  3. Tom Howie

    X-10 arm on Smooth Vest?

    Yes, Santiago, the Glidecam Smooth Shooter Arm works in the X-10 Vest and the Glidecam X-10 will work in the Smooth Shooter Vest. Tom
  4. Tom Howie


  5. You're welcome - glad you found this information useful. Very nice trick, that I am sure will help someone out. Some shooters have used UV film on the monitor screen as well to assist, I haven't tride this, but some like it!
  6. Tom Howie


    We have some Glidecam Tru-Horizons available for only $229.00! If you're interested, email me at
  7. Tom Howie

    Tru Horizon (at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam?)

    I would like for you to receive more feedback too, hope someone does. If you'd like to arrange a trial unit, contact me at We can offer you something for this.
  8. Tom Howie

    Red One With Glidecam Hd4000

    Yes, it did! The Glidecam HD-4000 is a workhorse that was designed to handle camera packages up to 10+ lbs. Also, Note: Devin Graham uses the RED on his Glidecam Devin Graham Signature Series system. see attached: You will ship him carrying the Glidecam DSG with RED
  9. Tom Howie

    Need a Part for My XR-2000

    Please contact me directly at and I can arrange this for you... Also I can send you some FREE Glidecam swag
  10. HD-2000 is the best option, as it is designed for cameras from 2-6 lbs in weight. We like the HD-2000 for all DSLR's can you get the widest range!
  11. DAYLIGHT VIEW-ABILITY: The topic of day light view-able monitors has been a hot topic for many years; as in - not all external viewing monitors are created equal. CD/m2 [Candella per Meters Squared] or NITS as it is most commonly referred to runs a substantial range. And, as the NITS go up so does the CO$T! Another component of this is the Contrast Ratio, which as substantial impact on the daylight view-ability as well - the better the contrast ratio the higher the cost. Ideally, a balance or compromise between NIT and C-RATIO make the best options and can be obtained at the best price/value. Just as an example *(I am not selling Small HD Monitors here - though I do like them, personally speaking) SmallHD-DP7 [High Bright] - Resolution: 1280 x 800 (fine for general framing), Brightness is 1500 nits. Contrast Ratio 800:1 (anything at 800 and up is usually good, IMHO) Lilliput - Have an option for 1000:1 Contrast and 800 NIT, not bad for $149.00 at B&H (haven't tried, but some favorable reviews) Marshall Electronics - Nice (low cost) options here: Best choices in Day-Light Viewable Monitors are over 800 NIT and C-RATIO at/or over 800:1 Fly Safe! I
  12. Tom Howie

    MONITORS [On Glidecam]

    Yes, well said. It is a Dual purpose setup. That is the one of changes that has developed over the past few years; monitors have been moving from the GLIDECAM BASE to the TOP of the Camera, if it is not already on the camera. However, the overall difference in the field of view-ability, between having the monitor on the TOP of the CAMERA, then having the monitor on the Base Platform, is that you do not have best visionary field of the path in which you are walking, resulting in one way or another a loss of versatility, albeit small. Also, taking the monitor off the camera and moving it to the base platform, lessens the TOP Weight, meaning a larger (heavier) camera can be used. Advantages of Having Monitor on the Glidecam Base Platform: 1. Best field of Viewability 2. Removes Weight from the Camera. Advantages of Having Monitor on the Camera (Top) 1. No wires need to be run down the post to send video signal from camera to monitor 2. No power needed to power monitor from Base Platform Hope this helps... Fly Safe!
  13. Top Weight is a factor that needs to be considered. If there is NOT enough top weight, the result will be that it is too Bottom heavy, therefore due to this lack to TOP WEIGHT, the result is excessive BOTTOM WEIGHT. That is the scenario - Too Bottom Heavy, duty too little weight on Top. Solution: Get a heavier cameras.. just kidding, obviously that is one way to do it, however, that is not the case here... SO, we need to make a couple of corrections in order to make the 'Ratio' of 'Weight and Leverage' balance-out so we then have a Smooth Operator! #1. REMOVE 2 Counter Weights (1 from the Front and 1 from the Back) **NOTE: Each Counter Weight is 4 OUNCES (1/4 LBS) #2. ADD a Glidecam Camera Weight Plate under the cameras [GLCWP] - #3. SLIDE the Telescoping Post up and into the central post; making the Glidecam Central Post shorter and reduces leverage resulting in Less Bottom Heaviness. Its all about the RATIO between Camera Weight (TOP) and Counter Weight (BOTTOM), which ideally should be a 3:1 ratio. The measured result will be a 2.5 to 3 second drop time... Here's a video on Balance, maybe useful, even though it is not your model. Hope this helps... Let us know Fly Safe!
  14. Tom Howie


    On sale!! $400.00 OFF now at B&H. Tru-Horizon only $299.00!!! Works with all Glidecam models
  15. Tom Howie

    Tru Horizon (at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam?)

    The Glidecam Tru-Horizon is an AMAZING PRODUCT, available for only $299.00 from B&H Photo!! $400.00 OFF Instant Credit!! Here's a BTS Video showing the versatility of the Glidecam Tru-Horizon