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  1. Hi johnrrr, It is important that your center of gravity (horizontal) is over the central post, so with the monitor 'flipped out', that would me a differing placement than if the monitor is retracted inward. Then, remember you'll want a 2.5 to 3 second drop time (vertical) balance, so the Glidecam is neither too top heavy, or bottom heavy. The rubber feet are relatively inconsequential, however, that primary goal is symmetrical place of weight and CG alignment, therefore it stands to reason that you either use ALL or NONE, but this could also be a little nit-picky, as I have seen many Glidecams is terrible condition and been amazed at the quality of the shots that were obtained. Make sure any Third-Party items are secured properly i.e. "Small Rig Cage"
  2. Tom Howie

    Cannot balance my Sony rx 100 mark 5

    Find the cameras Center of Gravity and at this balancing point, position the center of gravity over the central post of the Glidecam and which ever hole aligns with the hole in the camera mounting plate, use this one. email me direct at and I can assist you further, or call our offices at 781-585-7900
  3. Tom Howie

    Can anyone help me fix this. Xr-pro

    too bottom heavy, you can see in this video that you are close to correct balance, however, the bottom heaviness of the sled is causing the Glidecam to sway. Shorten the telescoping post by 1.5" and try for a 2-3 second drop time.
  4. Hi Jeff, Are you flying your Glidecam with the 2-3 second drop time? There is some subtlety to setting up and balancing a the Glidecam. Maybe email me directly at and we can make sure your setup correctly Tom
  5. Tom Howie

    DGS Gimbal Position

    Gimbal postion is relative, obtaining good balance is the primary goal - so if you can achieve a 2.5-3 second drop time with your DGS and a6300, then that is good. More weight does equal more inertia and stability, so this will increase smoothness with more weight, but no need to over do it
  6. if you're having any other questions on this phone Glidecam tech support 1-781-585-7900, we can walk you through any tech support needed and get you going
  7. Tom Howie

    Glidecam XR 2000

    Add a little lubrication to the central bearing that this will reduce this. Any slight sway should be controlled lightly with the guiding hand
  8. The Manfrotto 577 QR is a useful plate that many customers add to the XR-PRO for around $35 USD
  9. Tom Howie

    Slight rotation to the left

    Are you noticing this in the video footage? When wide angle this slight rotation to the left might not be perceivable
  10. Tom Howie

    GlideCam 2000 Pro bearing

    There is a method of relubrication that could cure this issue. Have you considered this? It is a simple, multistage oiling proceedure.
  11. Tom Howie

    Color Run Paris 2018

    Sachals your videos are Epic! Once again well done!!
  12. Tom Howie

    Glidecam perfectly smooth possible

    Hello Zerocool22, Yes, the Glidecam Devin Graham Signature Series [aka. GLDGSS] is the highest quality precison, 100% USA Made quality and capable of super smooth results. Watch Devin Graham Supertramp video, all shot with the GLDGSS. Also 'Dude Perfect', all of their videos are shot with the GLDGSS, you can see these videos on youtube. There are many more videos that will illustrate the smoothness of the GLDGSS. Yes, it takes practice, however, once you learn how to use the Glidecam - you'll be able to obtain the best stabilized shots with 100% control! The Glidecam is the most versatile piece of production equipment you can own. Just bring it with you anywhere and you with be able to obtain High-End Production Value!! No need for a tripod, slider, jib or any other gear. Just bring a Glidecam and it replaces the need for all others! Ursa Mini hand-held with the GLDGSS is great, but it you would like to add a Glidecam Vest system, the Glidecam X-10 Vest/Arm with DGS Docking Bracket with up the game, now you can use without taking a break and the added benefit of shock absorbers in the Glidecam X-10 Arm. If interested email me at tomh@glidecam and I can get you a special Glidecam Forum user price :)
  13. Meet YouTube star Devin Graham Monday and Tuesday! Visit Glidecam at: NAB Show Date: April 9-12, 2018 Location: Las Vegas Convention Center Booth: #C3930 Website: NAB Show FREE Guest Pass: LV2439
  14. Tom Howie

    Problem with "micro bounces" in footage

    Hello Kuba, Have you had a chance to take a photograph of your Glidecam setup? It is always very useful to see a photograph, as there are many little nuances that can sometimes be resolved in seeing an image. Thanks!
  15. Tom Howie


    Hello All - We are testing a new website design. Let us know what you think! Website: Survey: