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XR1000 washers easy balancing trick )

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I think everyone here knows about difficulties,
when you try to balance XR-Series quickly ) Even with a magnet trick it may be an awesome task ))

You find a balance, then begin to tighten the screws ... 
and you have to start again, especially with the side-to-side balance. 
This is due to the large gaps between the slots in the moving parts of the top plate and the screws.  
As soon as you loosen all top-plate screws, you can see this wobbling between moving parts.

I thought about DIY profile washers like on XR-PRO or HD series and found an easy solution. 
A needle plastic tip of a 2 or 5 ml syringe  ( I work in the hospital )) has just the same dimension.

You can buy 8 pcs in any pharmacy, then cut plastic tips as shown on the photos off to 2-2.5 mm. And then place them face down on the table and partially cut sides as shown on the drawing. Put them on glidecam screws. And receive silky-smooth top-plate transition in both directions and secure fixation after tightening these screws. Really helpful while balancing ))

It moves almost like on HD series. On the bottom plate of HD series this trick also goes well ) wings start to move smo-o-thly and without any side-to-side vibrations..
So no need to rebalance system after moving wings.

Enjoy ))


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Looks like a great idea. I no longer use the XR series because of that reason. If you want total "nirvana" in adjustments try using the Devin Graham series. You'll never go back! 

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Yes, thank you for advice!

About DGS I think of course, but for this time  it not fit on my budget )))

I'm only starting to steadycam shooting.

Now shoot on relatively lightweight setup with NIKON D5200. With cage, monitor, mic, battery, etc (4-8 lbs in total on top) on HD4000 / X10.
And camera only on small handheld XR-1000. Modified with these washes + 200 g DIY weight plate bellow top-plate + 2,3,5,8 g magnets on bottom CW + PL200 QR plate with screwed stop-washer in front that allows the camera to slide only right-to-place. With these tricks (and finely calibrated gimbal of course ))) I can setup/check the balance on the set for less than 3-5 min with any lens etc.

And really love how 'naked' D5200 feel on well-tuned handheld XR ))) in any close space

This is because came the thought to share this trick )

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