How To Mount Manfrotto 577 On Glidecam Hd 2000?

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Xoomtell    0

Any one?

Here is a picture of the problem. As you can see there is one screw fastened, and two free holes (marked by the red arrows), but these holes does not look like they are meant for mounting? If tyhey are - wich screws does fit? Any one with experience in mounting the 577 to the glidecam 2000 QR plate?

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owens    0

Hi Xoomtell

I had to drill into glidecam quick release plate to mount manfrotto release, I have added to weight plates (optional)as the sony camera i use is very light on the HD2000, used screws that came with Glidecam. I Have done much the same thing with my HD4000 but used a Miller quick release as my tripod is a Miller brand, see attached images

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Martyn    0

... a QR plate (577) - ...

But I can´t get it to work. The holes are not fitting together. I can get a screw into one hole, but not in two holes at the same time. The screw does not fit in the hole in the glidecams own holes - they are to small to allow the screw to come through - and it fits into the QR plates large screw hole. What can I do?

Any clues?



Hi Morton,

As a new Glidecam 2000 user, I also got the Manfrotto 577 Sliding Plate Adaptor to fit the the plate from the Manfrotto MVH502AH video head (the Manfrotto 357 Sliding Plate Adaptor is to wide for this video head's plate).

The holes in the 577 are all of a different size. To fit the largest size, you'd indeed need to drill. To only fit the standard 3/8" (I think) hole in the front of the 577, that screw is provided with the Glidecam (or was in my case).

To prevent any shifting of the 577 I put two thin strips of rubber (inner tube from a bicycle) under the 577. This seems quite tight and secure.

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Lingo    0


I'm sorry for reopening this post but I have got the same problem.

I want to mount the Manfrotto 577 release plate on the glidecam hd-2000.

There are 3 screw holes in the Manfrotto 577. In the middle there is a hole for a 3/8 screw. If I mount my manfrotto 577 with this hole to the glidecam hd-2000 the release plate doesn't hold tight. So I have to use an other screw. But the other holes aren't as big as the 3/8 one.

So my Question is, does anyone know which size the other hole is?

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Pavel    0


Today I've received Manfrotto 577 QR and I have a problem with mounting it on Glidecam. The middle hole is 3/8", front hole is 1/4" but I can't find out what size is the back hole, because neither 3/8" or 1/4" fits in it. My question is, do you know what size the back hole is? 


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