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  1. it does say in the x10 manual
  2. little help in thfe manual should be done again been moaning about this for years
  3. Thank you for the answer
  4. Again no help on here.Maybe its about time to sell and go for something else
  5. Please could somebody tell me how to change the arm from right to left side .This should have been put in the manual and was promised this but to no avail.I would also like the balance bracked and curved handle but find the price far to high for what they are
  6. Good video not sure about the audio
  7. Will any c stand do to balance my Glidecam 4000 hd?
  8. i know about the vest but not about the arm
  9. Could sombody tell me how to change sides on a x10 A video would be even better.I think this should have been put in manual.