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  1. Provided that the Glidecam is working properly, as far as performance goes - you shouldn't have to do much more that lubricate the Central Bearing assembly. This will NOT void warranty... Just use some light weight oil, such as Super-Lube and that will address the issue...
  2. Quick release cheese plate

    Are you still in need of the Glidecam Camera Mounting Plate? We have these parts in stock and available.
  3. Glidecam Gimbal calibration

    Kareldb, how are you doing with your Glidecam? If you're still having difficulties, we can solve this issue for you.
  4. HD4000 or HD2000?

    Hi Dylann, You're correct; the Canon 70D is on the lighter side, being that it is under 4 lbs in weight. The Glidecam HD-2000 is the recommended set for the Canon 70D with Sigma 10-20mm . One option would be to add a GLCWP (Glidecam Camera Weight Plate) - this will add weight under the cameras, making the HD-2000 more 'top heavy'... I hope this helps
  5. Sony FS7 & Glidecam

    Hi Josh, Not sure why you are experiencing this issue. Just to note - it appears that you have ALL of the Counter Weights on the Base Platform, which is around 3.5 lbs. in weight. The camera is in a 'High Profile' position and your 'on-camera' monitor mount is on the outside front on the inertial plain of the system... This could be creating an interference. Have you experienced this issue when you're NOT using the Third Party QR Plate? When a problem arises it is useful to separate each component or potential cause. Tom
  6. Flat base?

    Hi Greg, The Glidecam HD-2000 Base Platform is designed and manufactured to be 'Flat' What you have received here is a used Base Platform that has been slightly bent, due to pressure applied to it. This is not entirely detrimental to the performance or the operation of the Glidecam as we have had customer experience this issue many time over the past 25 years... However, if you would like to straighten this out - feel free to do so. This can be done by hand, by removing the weights and bending in the opposite direction, to offset the curve. Or if you wish you can call the Glidecam Office and order a replacement parts. The Glidecam HD-2000 Base Platform sells for $79.00 I hope this helps!
  7. Hi Ferran, Hope all is well and you're getting good use with your Glidecam XR-PRO Here's a video on the XR-PRO that is useful...
  8. Hello Pavel, One hole is a 3/8"-16 One hole is M6 One hole is 1/4"-20 I hope this helps.
  10. rusted bearing

    Yes, you should check in with on this. Excessive moisture and humidity contributes to the oxidization effect which will lead to rusting, etc... At this point you'd be in need of replacement. To avoid this type of situation we recommend applying a small film of Vaseline on the metal surfaces of the Central Bearing... This will eliminate the moisture from creating rust and oxidize on the metal, while not effecting the performance of the central bearing... Just a small, hand applied, application of Vaseline, to a new clean bearing with solve eliminate this from happening. In your case, again; email and we can find a solution for your on what to do next.
  11. Iglide II with eos 100D to film parkour

    Glidecam iGlide is a great lightweight, durable, quality USA Made, hand-held stabilizer designed for us with lightweight cameras up to 16 ounces. Then, there is the Glidecam iGLIDE 2 which is designed from cameras from 8 ounces up to 3 lbs. in weight. If you're looking to use only the Canon 100D and GoPro Hero 4 then the Glidecam iGlide would be a nice and introduction into Glidecam hand-held stabilizers, provideo smooth footage for all of your Parkour needs. Tempest Freerunning - had the Glidecam iGlide available in Orange, which they sold to video enthusiasts looking to create their own video production
  12. Glidecam Vista Head

    The Glidecam Vista Head Control Box is available for purchase direct at Glidecam Part orders are handled through the Glidecam parts department, which you can call at 800-600-2011 or 781-585-7900 between the hours of 9-4 PM EST. You can also email Cheryl at I hope this helps.
  13. Glidecam Centurion

    Here's a few Glidecam Centurion Videos that might be helpful; Glidecam Centurion - Setup Glidecam Centurion - Balance
  14. Why i cant balance my HD2000 properly ?. like 90% balance.. the other 10% abit swing if i hold with one hand. anyone can help me  ?

  15. Yes, that is correct the gimbal is the same on the HD-2000 and HD-4000