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  2. Yes, you should check in with on this. Excessive moisture and humidity contributes to the oxidization effect which will lead to rusting, etc... At this point you'd be in need of replacement. To avoid this type of situation we recommend applying a small film of Vaseline on the metal surfaces of the Central Bearing... This will eliminate the moisture from creating rust and oxidize on the metal, while not effecting the performance of the central bearing... Just a small, hand applied, application of Vaseline, to a new clean bearing with solve eliminate this from happening. In your case, again; email and we can find a solution for your on what to do next.
  3. Glidecam iGlide is a great lightweight, durable, quality USA Made, hand-held stabilizer designed for us with lightweight cameras up to 16 ounces. Then, there is the Glidecam iGLIDE 2 which is designed from cameras from 8 ounces up to 3 lbs. in weight. If you're looking to use only the Canon 100D and GoPro Hero 4 then the Glidecam iGlide would be a nice and introduction into Glidecam hand-held stabilizers, provideo smooth footage for all of your Parkour needs. Tempest Freerunning - had the Glidecam iGlide available in Orange, which they sold to video enthusiasts looking to create their own video production
  4. The Glidecam Vista Head Control Box is available for purchase direct at Glidecam Part orders are handled through the Glidecam parts department, which you can call at 800-600-2011 or 781-585-7900 between the hours of 9-4 PM EST. You can also email Cheryl at I hope this helps.
  5. Here's a few Glidecam Centurion Videos that might be helpful; Glidecam Centurion - Setup Glidecam Centurion - Balance
  6. Why i cant balance my HD2000 properly ?. like 90% balance.. the other 10% abit swing if i hold with one hand. anyone can help me  ?

  7. Yes, that is correct the gimbal is the same on the HD-2000 and HD-4000
  8. Use any light weight oil, Telfon is nice as it bonds to the metal. Just stay away from Degreasers... Tom
  9. Has you considered putting the Odyessey on top of the camera? Might make for better viewing?? But there are many that opt for fitting monitor to the base, however, just remember there is 3:1 ratio. 3 lbs cameras: 1 lbs counter weight... and you do not want the base to be too 'bottom' heavy.
  10. Time and experience will build up your stamina - it does not happen immediately, but is something that you need to get used to. Have you considered getting a Glidecam ForeArm Brace? We are now offer the Glidecam XR-PRO, the Glidecam XR-2000 was a great product, however, it was discontinued with the Glidecam XR-1000 and XR-4000 Stripping the camera down is always the best way to go - that way there is nothing to 'get in the way' and makes for a lighter load - if that is what you are looking for... Unless you find doing so, to be a hassle then you do not have to do this; it is not 100% necessary, just can make things easier sometimes.
  11. Incredible again... Another masterpiece in world travel! Vienna looks amazing in 4K!
  12. Wow!!! Now at 148,000 views! Great job!
  13. Excellent! What a great promotional piece for the Aquarium!! Well done! Keep em coming!
  14. We do not recommend this, as you mentioned. however, Aluminum can be welded, if that is what your looking to do. In other words 'weld' the 2 aluminum pcs together
  15. Hi Pearsy, Thank you for your post. There are a couple things that you need to do to make this adjustment. 1 - switch 2 Pin Block 2 - switch Block on Vest 3 - switch the Elbow Hinge This is done by removing the 5/32 bolts and flipping these parts 180 from Right to Left Please call me at 781-585-7900 Tom