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  2. I am new to Glidecam ownership, having just received an HD-2000 that I bought off eBay. The unit seemed well-packed, but the base is bent. It looks like the same curve on both sides. See attached photo. Is it supposed to be flat, or is this the correct shape? Greg
  3. Hi Tom, I've only just seen your response. Here is a picture of my set up. I was using this set up last week and still getting the same issue. I don't understand why? Do you have any suggestions?
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  5. Hello filmmakers, I have a Glidecam HD4000 which can handle 4 to 10 pounds (1.8 KG to 4.5 KG) My canon 70D with sigma 10-20mm weights 2,9 pounds (1.3 KG) I know you have to practise alot for getting smooth shots, but is my set-up too light for de HD4000? Maybe a HD2000 is better? I still get some wobble / little shaky footage even when I stabilized it right. Do I just need to practice more or should I sell my HD4000 and get a HD2000? (2 to 6 pounds) Would really appreciate the answers and help!
  6. Search this site for you tube video by Glidecam. The page will also have written directions. Take your time and you will get it perfect. Do it with about at 2 - 2.5 second drop time.
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  8. Hi, Can anyone describe how to calibrate the glide cam's gimbal? (More detailed than the explanation on the website) I'm trying, but if I rotate the screw's nothing happens, what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  9. I tried, but it leans to the left, and in I adjust that screw, nothing happens
  10. Why can't you do it yourself? Watch the video.You can do it.
  11. Hello, The gimbal of my HD-1000 isn't calibrated well. It doesn't work to calibrate it by myself. I don't have warranty, how much would it cost to send it to glidecam? Is it worth it to send it to glidecam? Thanks in advance!
  12. Wait it may have just clicked today!!!
  13. I have been using my glidecam extensively for the past year to year and half, and I can't seemed to get it to click. I have tried different drop times, varying amounts of weight, changing the amounts of pressure I use with my guiding hand, etc. But every time I go to look at my footage it is always shaky, wobbly, and just looks like your on a boat. I really love the look of glidecams and how versatile they can be. So it's a big deal to me to become proficient at operating them; I would appreciate any and all input. Gear I'm using Nikon D5200 Glidecam XR-200 P.S. Probably doesn't help that I have really bad Parkinson's
  14. Just bought an Ultra-Shot. I also have a Manfrotto tripod with 357PLV plate. Does anyone have a solution to have a single plate that works on both. The only solution I have so far is to mount a Manfrotto 357 Rapid Connect Adapter with Sliding Mounting Plate 357PL onto the Ultra-Shot L-Plate and then just transfer the 357 back and forth. Does anyone have another solution? Thanks
  15. The Manfrotto QR plate will attach to the top plate you are missing. You probably need to contact Glidecam directly to purchase a new one.
  16. If you are talking about the pin n the quick release plate that is used on video cameras to keep the unit from turning. Not used on DSLR's. If you are not talping about that pin than I am not sure.
  17. Can someone please explain to me what the 'brass alignment pin' on the baseplate of the Devin Graham series is/does, and how exactly to use it?
  18. Hi all , Friday I received my new glidecam HD-2000 , I ended up assembling and balancing it but when I spin the panning ball bearing there is some noise like broken balls bearings. Sometime by moving it isn't fluid and snaps a little. the glidecam is new ! Is this a defective unit or have a broken ball bearing ? I can't perform the cleaning process because I think this invalide the warranty a third party vendor. I hope someone can help me .
  19. Hello all! New to videography and the glide cam as well. I purchased my glide cam which was listed as new on craigslist. I met the seller when purchasing and he did tell me I needed to buy a manfrotto 577 QR adapter so that it would work which I did. After researching I noticed that the QR (cheese) plate which comes stock with the glide cam originally was missing and only the attached picture plate was attached to my glide cam. I'm assuming not, but will the manfrotto 577 work with the attached picture? If not I can't seem to find any "cheese plates" available for sell online. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  21. Thanks for the reply––yes, I'm playing around now with software to correct the "bouncing" effect that you see here. As for composition, haha, that wasn't the point of the test. My goal here was purely to demonstrate the horizontal axis issue. But perhaps in a follow up test I'll do something a little more cinematic
  22. I am not familiar with motorized gimbals, however I see a lot more bouncing and footsteps than I see with good Glidecam work and a properly balanced system. In reference to your horizontal roll. It does look like it rolled and did not correct, however given the landscape it was not that noticeable. Too many distractions and angled mountains etc. Why don't you shoot again in a more open area where horizon is very prominent and maybe lots of horizontal lines like fencing and roof line etc.
  23. Hey folks, sorry this took SO long to post the promised test footage. We had a busy winter season at my department. I just sent the below video to Tom at Glidecam––feel free to skip to around 38 seconds, where you see the Glidecam Centurion not correcting the horizontal balance and creating throughout the video this off putting dutch angle effect on the footage. The camera consistently leans to the right and doesn't self correct quickly if at all, weird. I have a GH4 and have followed the balancing steps to the letter, I believe. I want this device to work, but I'm hesitant to use it for our professional productions yet because of this problem.
  24. Hey Greg thanks again for replying. Im not really sure what the 1/4 20" mount refers to with regards to the DG glidecam but I'm really struggling to find out if the manfrotto 323 quick release would screw on top?? Seen here;
  25. Someone was saying you can turn the sled (the bottom part that holds the weights) sideways and it will still balance the same. Is this true? The point of doing this is so you can hold it closer to you without hitting your body. I'm talking about the HD2000 which has wide base and I'm planning on using it with a dslr.
  26. I use the Manfrotto 394 LP with my Glidecam for added weight. The thread on the DGS Glidecam is a standard 1/4-20" mount. Hope this helps!
  27. What Arca Swiss QR plate do you us? @Dave54
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