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  2. Hey guys, My glidecam is pretty balanced, but when I move side to side the glidecam hd2000 does a slight rotation to the left. The unit stays vertical, but it just slightly spins to the left. How do I fix this? Mike
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  5. Problem with "micro bounces" in footage

    Hello Kuba, Have you had a chance to take a photograph of your Glidecam setup? It is always very useful to see a photograph, as there are many little nuances that can sometimes be resolved in seeing an image. Thanks!

    Hello All - We are testing a new website design. Let us know what you think! Website: Survey:
  7. Problem with "micro bounces" in footage

    Hello Kuba, What camera are you working with? Can you take a photograph of your Glidecam and post it on the Glidecam forum? Could be something very simple... Look forward to helping you resolve this issue
  8. Hey guys, I have a problem, especially with longer lenses (like 85 mm here). Been using glidecam with sony a7s m1 (no stabilisation in camera). Here's sample footage: http://swwweou5/C0272.MP4? You can see some "bouncing" effect starting from 4 sec. I don't know what causes that effect, everything was fixed properly, no camera movement, using manfrotto QR plate. I think It was balanced pretty ok (changing lens from 24 to 85, but I don't know If It could be the cause of this shakes) Anyone experienced that kind of thing? What could cause that? I didn't see that while filming. PS. I know It' a bit out of focus, sorry guys. Thanks in advance, peace!:)
  9. HD4000 Damaged, Repair enquiries

    Hello RitzyRitzRit, Yes, Cheryl mentioned that she has responded to your request.
  10. Hi Glidecam forums, Season greetings to all! I understand that during this period responses will be delayed but please respond if possible! I have recently gotten a used HD-4000, no biggie working fine! Tested the gimbal at 0, 90, 270 degrees for calibration and found that it is not well calibrated. I got the allen key and started calibrating to what the manual around the forums has taught and the gimbal is working really well now at 95% balanced (with slight sways). I tried to be a perfectionist and tried to recalibrate again during my freetime a few days later, and to my demise, these "set screws" used to calibrate the gimbal got "rounded/worn out" and the screw cant move anymore to create the adjustments. Well damn, I messaged Cheryl@glidecam and gotten news about the free calibration when I mail in and foot for the mailing cost, sure no problem! Now comes the hard part, so between this period of time, the HD-4000 was resting on a shelf. This shelf, decided to give way and caused the HD-4000 to fall to the ground. The damage? The top camera sled portion popped off, together with the female screw portion that was suppose to be embedded into the gimbal post (to be clearer, its the screw-in point that is suppose to in both ends of the gimbal post, both female parts for mounting the camera sled and also the weights portion below). The top portion of the gimbal post also gotten a crack (a crack in the metal pole). I tried to stuff the screw portion back into the gimbal post and mount the camera sled portion and it still works, however if I try to forcefully pluck the section, It would come off now. Would be happy if I can receive any information of any possible repair services from glidecam on the gimbal pole? or anyone with similar experiences of a damaged glidecam that got successfully repaired, could I simply trade-in the damaged gimbal and foot the cost for a new part? or am I completely out of lucky that I have to purchase a new gimbal! Thank you for your time on reading this little piece of festive disaster. Please advice. Signing off!
  11. Glidecam Gimbal calibration

    Sam-the-man; This is sensitive procedure, however, if the directions are followed it can be done. However, if you would like - we can offer this service for you. Meaning if you send it in to use, we can offer this service. Just email me directly and I can provide more information on how it will work out. Email: tomh(at)
  12. Missing Screws

    Sam were you able to source the missing hardware for your Glidecam HD-2000? NOTE: ALL GLIDECAM HARDWARE used is based on the principal that it should be 'FIELD REPLACABLE' - meaning every is you can Source Most ALL hardware at Local Hardware Store. Such As; WALMART (Hardware Dept) HOME DEPOT, LOWES, ACE Hardware, etc... Of course local Hardware Stores always have the best service and carry some of the Select items you might not find the bigger stores
  13. Can't secure camera

    RajBombay - This is a very popular configuration - you have no problems mating the Canon 6D to the Glidecam HD-2000. Are you using the CORRECT SIZE Camera Mounting Screw? The Glidecam HD-2000 includes 2 Version. 1) 1/4 x 20 x 3/8 and 1) 1/4 x 20 x 1/2 IF Screws it TOO LONG, use 1) 1/4 Washer UNDER the 'HEAD" of the Screw - which would be UP, Under the camera mounting plate (to be sure that I explain it correctly) Let us know

    Glidecam Ultra-Shot Camera Mounting Plate WILL fit into Some Manfrotto Tripod Heads. SEE This Attached Example: ( You'll see the Glidecam Ultra-Shot Camera Mounting Plate has been fitted into the Manfrotto 501 Head [3433 Plate] )
  15. [GH4] DEVIN GRAHAM & QR Plate

    1/4 x 20 Meaning: 1/4 or (.025") is the Diameter of the Screw. A 1/4 x 20 Screws has a diameter of 1/4" or 0.25" 20 in the thread count. Meaning that it requires 20 rotations to move 1 Linear Inch. A 1/4 x 20 Screw requires 20 rotation to move 1 linear inch. Most ALL of the Manfrotto QR Plate will fit on the a Glidecam HD-Series, XR-Series and Devin Graham Series. *NOTE: All Camera Manufacturers (American, Asian and European) utilize the STANDARD MEASURE of 1/4 x 20 for the CAMERA MOUNTING SCREW.* The Manfrotto 323 WILL work with the Glidecam.
  16. The Glidecam HD-Series, Devin Graham Signature and XR-Series Stabilizers ALL incorporate a feature that allow the end-user to align the Base Weight Polarity, or Stability Foot-Print from: 1. Fore/Aft Alignment [The benefit here is the Inertia Footprint (of the base) is in alignment with the Fore/Aft [X] Axis - this is how you see most pictures; (base-platform facing forward) Inertia of the Counterweight is in alignment with the 'length' of the camera. *Need to hold further from body, so base does not come in contact with Operators body.* 2. Side/Side Alignment [The benefit here is the Inertia Footprint (of the base) is in alignment with the Side/Side [Y] Axis - The Inertia of the Counterweight is in alignment with the 'width' of the camera. *Operator can hold the Glidecam closer to their body, assist in eliminating fatigue with 'heavier rigs'. This same approach can be applied when operating a Glidecam Devin Graham Signature Series, XR-PRO or HD-Series with a Glidecam Smooth Shooter or Glidecam X-10.
  17. Arca Swiss [on Glidecam] Here's an example of an Arca Swiss that will work on a Glidecam
  18. Hey guys, I have the HD-2000 and I'm trying to mate it with my Canon 6D w/ Tokina 16-28mm lens. I'm unable to secure the camera to the base plate, it seems to spin when i try the drop test; I hold it in a horizontal position and the lens will swivel down on the base plate. How do I fix this?
  19. Venice in 4K

    Venice in 4K with Glidecam.
  20. Glidecam Gimbal calibration

    Hey Tom, i have the same issues i tried it several times to calibrate the gimbal by myself but it never worked perfectly. Do you have any tips for me next to the YT Vid from 2011 from you guys? If i have to send it to you how much would it cost? I live in germany so the shipping would be probably pretty expensive by itself. Greeting from Germany
  21. XR1000 washers easy balancing trick )

    Yes, thank you for advice! About DGS I think of course, but for this time it not fit on my budget ))) I'm only starting to steadycam shooting. Now shoot on relatively lightweight setup with NIKON D5200. With cage, monitor, mic, battery, etc (4-8 lbs in total on top) on HD4000 / X10. And camera only on small handheld XR-1000. Modified with these washes + 200 g DIY weight plate bellow top-plate + 2,3,5,8 g magnets on bottom CW + PL200 QR plate with screwed stop-washer in front that allows the camera to slide only right-to-place. With these tricks (and finely calibrated gimbal of course ))) I can setup/check the balance on the set for less than 3-5 min with any lens etc. And really love how 'naked' D5200 feel on well-tuned handheld XR ))) in any close space This is because came the thought to share this trick )
  22. Looks like a great idea. I no longer use the XR series because of that reason. If you want total "nirvana" in adjustments try using the Devin Graham series. You'll never go back!
  23. I think everyone here knows about difficulties, when you try to balance XR-Series quickly ) Even with a magnet trick it may be an awesome task )) You find a balance, then begin to tighten the screws ... and you have to start again, especially with the side-to-side balance. This is due to the large gaps between the slots in the moving parts of the top plate and the screws. As soon as you loosen all top-plate screws, you can see this wobbling between moving parts. I thought about DIY profile washers like on XR-PRO or HD series and found an easy solution. A needle plastic tip of a 2 or 5 ml syringe ( I work in the hospital )) has just the same dimension. You can buy 8 pcs in any pharmacy, then cut plastic tips as shown on the photos off to 2-2.5 mm. And then place them face down on the table and partially cut sides as shown on the drawing. Put them on glidecam screws. And receive silky-smooth top-plate transition in both directions and secure fixation after tightening these screws. Really helpful while balancing )) It moves almost like on HD series. On the bottom plate of HD series this trick also goes well ) wings start to move smo-o-thly and without any side-to-side vibrations.. So no need to rebalance system after moving wings. Enjoy ))
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