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  2. Hi All, I am selling some of my used Glidecam equipment. I am located in the Houston, TX area but will to ship items anywhere in the US. Available for sale I have: - Glidecam Camcrane 200 : Asking price $150 obo ( plus shipping if needed) - Glidecam V series Vest with V8 Pro Video Camera Stabilizer System: Asking price $ 550 obo (plus Shipping if needed) - Glidecam Vista Head Pan tilt - I don't have the controller for this device so only selling the Vista Head itself : asking price $150 obo (plus shipping if needed)
  3. Hello all! I am selling my Glidecam 4000pro w/ Smooth Shooter Vest & Arm setup. Everything is is excellent condition and I've only actually used the rig a few times. Comes with the Smooth Shooter Vest & Arm, The Glidecam 4000pro Sled and all the other things like the weights and plates, and all other accessories that came with the kit when I bought it. I'm willing to let this awesome setup go for $499 + shipping. Please let me know if you're interested! You can email me at as well. Thank you! Derek
  4. Why i cant balance my HD2000 properly ?. like 90% balance.. the other 10% abit swing if i hold with one hand. anyone can help me  ?

  5. Good Afternoon, New to the forum here... Quick question.... I have an old Glidecam Vista Head no longer used and wanted to pass it along to someone who might have use for it. However, between moves I can not locate the Control box to operate the Vista Head. Anyone knows if the Control Box can be purchased separately? Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. Thank you for the answer
  7. Yes, that is correct the gimbal is the same on the HD-2000 and HD-4000
  8. Use any light weight oil, Telfon is nice as it bonds to the metal. Just stay away from Degreasers... Tom
  9. Has you considered putting the Odyessey on top of the camera? Might make for better viewing?? But there are many that opt for fitting monitor to the base, however, just remember there is 3:1 ratio. 3 lbs cameras: 1 lbs counter weight... and you do not want the base to be too 'bottom' heavy.
  10. Time and experience will build up your stamina - it does not happen immediately, but is something that you need to get used to. Have you considered getting a Glidecam ForeArm Brace? We are now offer the Glidecam XR-PRO, the Glidecam XR-2000 was a great product, however, it was discontinued with the Glidecam XR-1000 and XR-4000 Stripping the camera down is always the best way to go - that way there is nothing to 'get in the way' and makes for a lighter load - if that is what you are looking for... Unless you find doing so, to be a hassle then you do not have to do this; it is not 100% necessary, just can make things easier sometimes.
  11. Incredible again... Another masterpiece in world travel! Vienna looks amazing in 4K!
  12. Wow!!! Now at 148,000 views! Great job!
  13. Excellent! What a great promotional piece for the Aquarium!! Well done! Keep em coming!
  14. We do not recommend this, as you mentioned. however, Aluminum can be welded, if that is what your looking to do. In other words 'weld' the 2 aluminum pcs together
  15. Hi Pearsy, Thank you for your post. There are a couple things that you need to do to make this adjustment. 1 - switch 2 Pin Block 2 - switch Block on Vest 3 - switch the Elbow Hinge This is done by removing the 5/32 bolts and flipping these parts 180 from Right to Left Please call me at 781-585-7900 Tom
  16. Again no help on here.Maybe its about time to sell and go for something else
  17. Please could somebody tell me how to change the arm from right to left side .This should have been put in the manual and was promised this but to no avail.I would also like the balance bracked and curved handle but find the price far to high for what they are
  18. I believe that the gimbal is the same on both systems! I have used both and I can't see any differences. From my experience you can push the weight on the HD2000 especially if you have an arm and vest. You can definitely buy counterweights from Glidecam as well. You can email to inquire about purchasing more weights. Lastly, I am selling an HD 4000 on ebay if you can't find a solution to your issues. Cheers!
  19. Hello, I am now selling a glidecam hd 4000. I will include the ebay link on here for anyone who may be interested. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for your time!
  20. A while back, I bought a used Glidecam HD-2000. The ad i responded to was actually for an HD-4000, so the sellers was just looking to trick someone into paying more than the average retail price for the system. Because it was the only used Glidecam available to me at the time, I decided to keep it (after renegotiating the price, obviously). Anyway... My camera has grown a bit since then, and it is now on the verge of being too heavy for the HD-2000 (it flips over). I can't really afford to buy a brand new HD-4000, so what I have in mind is to simply increase the amount of counterweights on the HD-2000. My concern is wether or not the gimball on the HD-2000 can handle more weight than the system is rated for. I know that the HD-4000 is rated for 10 pounds worth of camera gear, and therefore my question is this: Is the gimball on the HD-2000 the exact same as it is on the HD-4000? If it is, then I would assume that adding more weight to it won't be any kind of problem. From the pictures, they sure look identical to me. Another fun thing I discovered is that the seller only provided me with 10 counterweights, out of the 12 it is shipped with. Is it possible to buy more of these separately?
  21. I recently brought a used hd-2000 and I'm having issues with the oil. moving the position of the handle translates significantly to the panning of the Glidecam. I've seen that this has been recommended: But I cant seem to find a UK supplier. Does anyone know where I can find this oil or suggest me a different oil for use on my Glidecam. Thanks Jordan
  22. Hi Ruben, Used gear comes with it set of Risks. Just hearing the term "De-Ruster", makes me wonder if it was properly maintained. That being said; surface rust is not a major issue - however, if you have some internal rusting on central bearing - that could be an issue. The Glidecam HD-4000 is a mechanical device, as long as all moving parts are properly lubricated and moving well, there is not issues. On the mail gimbal, if needed; use the instructions you found online multiple times, this reworking will allow any obstruction to clear itself from the main central bearing - as it is possible that there is some internal oxidization. This is why it is important to lubricate all moving parts; but also verifying that used items have been well cared for. If this only a 'slight tick', it could be one of the stainless ball bearing, 'catching' on the internal bearing retainer. No a major issue, as high rotational usage on the Panning Axis is more limited. Let us know how things are going with your HD-2000 performance. Worse case you can send it in to us and we are provide a full diagnostic and repair for you; will possible upgrade. Tom
  23. Hello, If anyone is interested, I am selling a well taken care of glidecam x10 vest and arm. Both show signs of use, but well taken care of! Check out the ebay link if you are looking to buy!
  24. Hello, Has anyone out there ever used this combination? I am curious to know if it would work and how you would set it up. I imagine you could mount the odyssey at the front of sled and run power from an idx/gold mount at the back. Would the payload of the camera be too heavy for the bottom? Any suggestions or tips would be awesome. You are thanked.
  25. Hi everyone! I just joined the glidecam club. I bought a XR-2000 secondhand on ebay to use with my C100 - and I have a question that maybe you can help me with. My question is not about balancing or set up - plenty of youtube vids to help with that and I'm close there. My question is about how you deal with holding the weight of the glidecam and camera/lens with one arm! I find it very taxing. I'm pretty fit but my arm will shake with the weight - is there a technique to holding the actual gimbal arm? Or is this something that you just become accustomed to? Anyone else experienced this? I also noticed that the XR-2000 is no longer being manufactured. Is there anything I need to know there? And finally - anyone who uses the C100 on a glidecam - do you guys and gals always strip the top handle and side handle from the C100 to aid balance and reduce weight? I find I can balance it almost perfect with the extras but its just a touch off. Anyhow - appreciate any help you experts might be able to give. Thank you in advance! Happy bonfire night!
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