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  2. What are the visual differences between the X-30 and the X-45 sled? How do I know which sled is which?
  3. Steffen

    X-20 arm for sale

    I have a very rarely used Glidecam X-20 spring arm for sale. It is almost as new because I used the arm only a few times. There are only a few small scratches. The arm is for cameras up to 20 pounds. 1000 €. Buyer pays shipping. Location: Germany.
  4. Kellougi05

    Working Footwear?

    Well, both are nice for different situations. Just like I bought so many Designer Leggings for myself, I am planning to add both these shoes to my cart. It is always nice to have both than one. Also, I have a certain love for shoes that I can’t stop buying them.
  5. I found a good alternative to $1200+ daylight viewable monitors. New Seetec (Feelworld trademark) FW279S is superbright. 2200 cd/m2 in specs. In practice easy viewable in direct sunlight where my old 450 cd/m2 monitor still unreadable. Super sharp and equiped with focus peaking, histogram and other assistant functions. HDMI/SDI without cross conversion. NP batteries or 12v powered. Lightweight, plastic housing but strong enough. Good and acourate colors in user mode. I think for now this is a best daylight monitor for the money. No LUT, no vectorscopes etc. But for $340 i.e 1/4 of IKAN SAGA 7" an excellent work-horse.
  6. Hilmar741

    Arca Swiss [on Glidecam]

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  7. krislinus

    Swaying Horizon

    Not to hi-jack the thread, but just add in: I have a simulation issue with the HD-2000 I purchased second hand as well. I’ve had it for about a year and have really been practicing very much. I have been experiencing with a light setup (5D Mark IV + 16-35) with 1-2 weights on each side and a heavier setup (5D Mark IV w/battery grip + 16-35 + video mic) with 3-4 weights on each side. Drop time is 2-3 seconds and it hangs perfectly dead when I‘m holding it with my right hand, rotates on its own axis when I spin it, but as soon as I shift to my left hand I have to rebalance it front/back and sidewise. Don‘t believe it should be that way. It also means that level horizon is not possible, almost with the heavy setup, but not as good as I know it can. I have no physical stores near to my home, so I have to order a new one to see if it‘s me or the glidecam that‘s drunk.
  8. Jared Collins

    Swaying Horizon

    Tom, Thank you for your response! For some reason, the horizon seems to sway left to right if there's not a hand there to guide it. Are you not supposed to be able to walk slowly with this system? I would think that would help with stability. After watching several of Stefan Czech's videos, he claimed slow movements were the key to smooth footage.
  9. Tom Howie

    Glidecam HD4000 with C100

    Thanks for the posting. This is not recommended. Basically this creates a balancing issue. CG (Center of Gravity) is not correctly aligned Horizontal Axis over the Central Post, which is the 'rotational center of gravity'. If the plate is off to the side, the camera may very well end up off to the side as well. And, knowing it is the C100, I would recommend that you center the plate. Here's some great training videos, check them out and let me know if this helps. Volume 1: The Basic Volume 2: The Circle Up and Down Volume 3: Focal Length Volume 4: Slow Is Smooth, Smooth is King Volume 5: Focus on the Focus Volume 6: Balancing in 5 Minutes. …OK, say 2 Minutes Volume 7: Smooth Shooter and X-10
  10. Hi all. My friend lent me a Glidecam he uses with a small DSLR. I want to use it with my C100, but as you can see the mounting plate is sitting to the right. I'm sure this will not allow me to balance it I right? I'm not sure this plate can be moved to a central position. Any help would be greatly appreciated Kind Regards Daniel
  11. Tom Howie

    Swaying Horizon

    Hi Jared, Sorry to hear about your difficulties! The Glidecam is designed as a 'two hand' operation, however, using "one hand' is just a important. The biggest problem comes with over-controlling with the guiding hand. This leads to instability. With the 2.5 to 3 second drop time, you'll want to adjust the horizontal balance as you've done, then once that is accomplished. Fly the Glideca, by walking in a straight line and do not use your guiding hand. Also, keep your 'wrist' solid/locked. Like you are sawing a piece of wood for example... Just walk straight. DONT walk slowly walk a around 2.5 MPH. Do this and you'll be headed in the right directions. Do this indoors (no wind) Let us know how it works out
  12. Jared Collins

    Swaying Horizon

    Hey guys! I am new to the Glidecam and I am also new to the forum. I recently purchased a used Glidecam HD-2000 from eBay. The item is in good condition. Like most people, I got the device and immediately attempted to balance it after watching the plethora of YouTube videos and wanted to start flying the system. Once I did that, I was unable to keep a true and level horizon no matter how careful I walked. After much research, I determined that my gimbal needed calibration. I attempted this, but was not able to get it myself. Tom/Glidecam had me send the system in to get calibrated and I got it back this week. I've been messing with the system since then. I believe part of my issue originally was that I had too much weight on the bottom. Though my drop-time was 2-3 seconds, I opened myself up for too much of the pendulum effect. I think I now have the correct combination of weight on top and bottom as well as the pole length. I still struggle with a straying horizon. Should I be able to fly the system 1 handed in a forward motion and it stay truly level? I realize there is a learning curve for these systems and I want to LOVE this system, but right now, it is just frustrating and I can't seem to keep a level horizon no matter what I do. Any suggestions or tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. please contact me directly at tom (at) or phone too at 1-781-585-7900
  14. I know this is an old post but I purchased a hd4000 from ebay but did not come with the counter weights. After seeing the price over £50 I measured the 2 that came with it and got them lasered and they are perfectly the same. I would post a photo but can't upload a file larger than 0.5mb lol.
  15. Brand New [Un-used] FULL 1 year Warranty Glidecam X-30 Sled [designed for cameras up to 45 lbs] *Available with Anton Bauer (or) V-Mount Battery Plate 3) BNC to BNC Connectors (HD-SDI I/O) 4) 2-Pin LEMO Power Outputs Included; Balancing/Docking Bracket, Video and Power Cable Set, Pelican 1650 Flight Case, Hardware/Tool Set. ONLY: $2895.00 with FREE Pelican 1650 Case
  16. Tom Howie

    Glidecam X-30 Sled [NEW - Only $3,395.00]

    Price Lowered, now available for only $2,895.00 New Sled, 1 Year Warranty. Includes; Pelican 1650 Flight Case and Hardware Set
  17. Tom Howie

    Glidecam [Photokina 2018]

    Photokina 2018 Visit Glidecam at: Photokina Expo Date: September 26th-29th 2018 Location: Cologne, Germany Booth: Hall 5.2 Stand: H021 Website: On Display at Photokina: Glidecam HD-PRO, Glidecam XR-PRO, Glidecam Devin Graham Signature Series and Glidecam Ultra Shot Glidecam in EUROPE Kirschberg 27 64347 Griesheim Germany +49 6155 8877766 +49 6155 8877755
  18. Zcarter32, Hopefully you able to get your balancing issues resolved. What is your drop time? We recommend a drop time of 2.5 to 3 seconds.... With one counterweight on each side, it sounds like your balance should be ok. how does your footage look?
  19. Andreas - just loosen the screws where there block attaches to the 'Elbow Hinge' that has the 'oval' machined in it. This will allow you to flip the block 180 degrees, you will also want to do this with the '2 pin' Block at the end of the Arm. There are 3 parts that need to be Flipped. #1 Flip the 2-hole Vest Block on the Vest #2 Flip the 2-pin block on the Arm End #3 Flip the Elbow Block. Doing these three things will allow you to operate your Glidecam in the Left-Handed position.
  20. The Glidecam XR-PRO, is the replacement for the Glidecam XR-2000, which is a basic model Glidecam - that did not include a Rapid Disconnect QR Plate, or the Front to Back Adjustment Knobs to position the cameras Front-to-Back / Side-to-Side. The HD-2000 is the hand-held stabilizer that includes these features. The Glidecam HD-2000, part of the HD-Series, is more versatile than the XR-PRO, due to these features. It is 100% USA Made - Great products See: *Note the newest member of the Glidecam HD-Series is the Glidecam HD-PRO.
  21. Hello to everybody, I'm going to start to use this powerful and versatile instrument, but I'm confused about the model to choose... I'm uncertain between the XR-Pro and the HD-2000...What are the differences? I mean, okay the first is for cameras weighing up to 10 lbs and the second for cameras weighing from 2 to 6 pounds. And...? Other differences? I didn't find other information on their catalogue pages... :D Please somebody drive me to correct choice :D
  22. Hi there, I'm trying to switch my X-10 to left-handed operation. I already switched the two pin connector on the vest and the two pin connector block on the X-10, which connects to the west. Now I'm trying to rotate the elbow hinge but I am not able to get it apart. As shown in the image I already removed the two screws which connect the upper arm to the lower one (blue arrows) and removed the two other screws (not visible, red arrows). I assumed that I could remove the thicker left block, rotate it and screw it back on, but it seems as if the right and the left block are fused together. Am I doing something wrong or do I just have to apply more force? I don't want to break it. Thanks in advance for your answers. With kind regards Andreas
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