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  2. Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could help me with my glidecam. I just can't seem to balance it even though standing and drop time are set something seems to be off. It feels like it is warbling and the center gimble is damaged. I know these things are pretty tough so I made this video on youtube. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I just need to tweak it more or should I return it ASAP?
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  4. Thank you for adding. I have not used these ones
  5. Tom Howie

    Best glide cam for Sony FS 7

    GLDGS will carry up 12 lbs The Glidecam X-20 Arm with X-30 Sled is a great combination!
  6. Tom Howie

    X-10 arm on Smooth Vest?

    Yes, Santiago, the Glidecam Smooth Shooter Arm works in the X-10 Vest and the Glidecam X-10 will work in the Smooth Shooter Vest. Tom
  7. I want to use my Sony FS seven with a PL lens probably weighs 15 pounds. What’s the lightest weight glide cam I can use to carry a 15 pound camera. And how heavy would the sled be to carry a 15 pound camera. I know the arms are rated for both the camera plus the weight of the sled.
  8. Hi, i just brought a glidecam HD2000, but it comes without the cheese plate. I looked around and found that no one sells a top plate for it. Can i buy one from you? thank you.
  9. I found an MustHD monitors it seems to be heavy 830g but really bright 2200 nits with $499 price. And I want to ask, someone have an experience of using of MystHD monitors in real work ?
  10. sowhong

    Broken skew replace part

    You can try this email
  11. Not sure if this question has been asked before but does anybody know if the X-10 arm fits on a Smooth Shooter vest? It looks like it but I am not sure....
  12. Hi All, First time to use HD2000. I tried to balance it, however, it appears calibration issue because if I balanced it on 0 degree then the rest like 90, 270,360 is not balanced properly.(drop time test is 2.5s around) So I followed below video to calibrate it and seems it works(although I am not sure if it's 100% calibrated because I can only rely on bubble level shows good). Now I can attach camera with all 360 degrees balanced with bubble level . However, I got one more issue that if I try to hold the HD2000 attached camera move horizontally back and forth, left and right. (Or use my body do 360 degrees rotation.) The camera will have slightly spinning, the shooting spot of the camera will spin the angle originally pointed to --- not stay in one spot . My test followed This Video . The result of my HD2000 is even worse than Flycam. Both horizontal test & 360 degree test make my camera spin without stay in one spot. Does it mean my calibration failed? Or I have other issue with my HD2000 need to be fixed? BTW, my camera is Sony NEX 6. And the camera too light (with lens around 2lb) I have to remove all bottom weights with blank base. I also tried my 5D mark iii with 1 weight on the base for each side. Same result.
  13. Is there any place to order from that same skew for the HD2000?
  14. Thank you Tom, great idea, will think about matte film ))
  15. Tom Howie


  16. You're welcome - glad you found this information useful. Very nice trick, that I am sure will help someone out. Some shooters have used UV film on the monitor screen as well to assist, I haven't tride this, but some like it!
  17. Santiago


    Interesting offer :) I've sent you an email!
  18. Looking to buy Devin Graham Signature Series Head / Glidecam HD PRO Head ! I'm just looking for the head, not the entire gimbal. Would purchase if it is in good working condition, doesn't have to be brand new! Looking for international shipping as well!
  19. Thank you a lot Tom for this info ! You give an great options, will see these monitors )) And little tweak from the shooting of the freestyle wrestling championship this weekend: in my Aputure VS-1 monitor I see that 6500k preset is about 126/128/130 RGB value. And this seriously attenuate brightness but when I set 235/250/255 - picture seems much brighter in the sunlight. May be this trick be useful for someone )
  20. Tom Howie


    We have some Glidecam Tru-Horizons available for only $229.00! If you're interested, email me at
  21. Tom Howie

    Tru Horizon (at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam?)

    I would like for you to receive more feedback too, hope someone does. If you'd like to arrange a trial unit, contact me at We can offer you something for this.
  22. Tom Howie

    Red One With Glidecam Hd4000

    Yes, it did! The Glidecam HD-4000 is a workhorse that was designed to handle camera packages up to 10+ lbs. Also, Note: Devin Graham uses the RED on his Glidecam Devin Graham Signature Series system. see attached: You will ship him carrying the Glidecam DSG with RED
  23. Tom Howie

    Need a Part for My XR-2000

    Please contact me directly at and I can arrange this for you... Also I can send you some FREE Glidecam swag
  24. HD-2000 is the best option, as it is designed for cameras from 2-6 lbs in weight. We like the HD-2000 for all DSLR's can you get the widest range!
  25. DAYLIGHT VIEW-ABILITY: The topic of day light view-able monitors has been a hot topic for many years; as in - not all external viewing monitors are created equal. CD/m2 [Candella per Meters Squared] or NITS as it is most commonly referred to runs a substantial range. And, as the NITS go up so does the CO$T! Another component of this is the Contrast Ratio, which as substantial impact on the daylight view-ability as well - the better the contrast ratio the higher the cost. Ideally, a balance or compromise between NIT and C-RATIO make the best options and can be obtained at the best price/value. Just as an example *(I am not selling Small HD Monitors here - though I do like them, personally speaking) SmallHD-DP7 [High Bright] - Resolution: 1280 x 800 (fine for general framing), Brightness is 1500 nits. Contrast Ratio 800:1 (anything at 800 and up is usually good, IMHO) Lilliput - Have an option for 1000:1 Contrast and 800 NIT, not bad for $149.00 at B&H (haven't tried, but some favorable reviews) Marshall Electronics - Nice (low cost) options here: Best choices in Day-Light Viewable Monitors are over 800 NIT and C-RATIO at/or over 800:1 Fly Safe! I
  26. Tom Howie

    MONITORS [On Glidecam]

    Yes, well said. It is a Dual purpose setup. That is the one of changes that has developed over the past few years; monitors have been moving from the GLIDECAM BASE to the TOP of the Camera, if it is not already on the camera. However, the overall difference in the field of view-ability, between having the monitor on the TOP of the CAMERA, then having the monitor on the Base Platform, is that you do not have best visionary field of the path in which you are walking, resulting in one way or another a loss of versatility, albeit small. Also, taking the monitor off the camera and moving it to the base platform, lessens the TOP Weight, meaning a larger (heavier) camera can be used. Advantages of Having Monitor on the Glidecam Base Platform: 1. Best field of Viewability 2. Removes Weight from the Camera. Advantages of Having Monitor on the Camera (Top) 1. No wires need to be run down the post to send video signal from camera to monitor 2. No power needed to power monitor from Base Platform Hope this helps... Fly Safe!
  27. Santiago

    Tru Horizon (at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam?)

    Hi To, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did see the video here before I put my topic here online but it is the only thing so far I have seen here on the forum. I am very keen to hear about people's experiences with the Tru Horizon. So if anybody has any, please let me know.
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