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  2. Hello all. I have a DGS Glidecam and absolutely love it. However I just bought a Sony a6300 and have found that with 1 or 2 weights on the sled its way to light and shaky. Even with previous heavier cameras I found the heavier the weight added the smoother the footage. My question is, now that I have put four weights on each side and have lowered the gimbal to the zero mark on the pole, is this bad? Does it matter where the gimbal is on the pole as long as i have a 2-3 second drop? Any advice in general about using a lighter camera with the DGS would be awesome. Thanks all!
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  4. So I just bought an x-10 and I am trying to set it up for left handed operation. I've managed to swap the 2 post connectors on the arm and vest but I can't seem to swap over the Elbow hinge. I have removed the 4 screws from the hinge but nothing will move at all. Should the hinge seperate into 2 peices easily? I don't want to try and force anything and break it. Thanks.
  5. XR-PRO swaying issue

    I am using a canon 6d with a 17-40L lens and a quick release plate. I'm not sure of the exact weight but it is decently light. I have 2 weights on each side of the xr-pro
  6. Buy a 1/4 x20 bolt the length you need at a hardware store
  7. XR-PRO swaying issue

    What is your setup? how much does your setup weigh? How many weights do have on the bottom? That will determine what your drop time should be. If you are too light you may need to have a drop time of over 3 seconds
  8. Hi to all! My name is Alex. I am from Ukraine. Can someone help me? How can I replace main bearing in Glidecam 2000 Pro. It has backlash of bearing now. I know it named R16Z. I found this type of bearings on chineese sites. I love my good old Glidecam and don't want to buy a new model. Thank you for your answer!
  9. XR-PRO swaying issue

    and I am using 2 hands and coming off a flat surface. Just feel like my second hand is trying to control swing the whole time and not pan. Something isn't right and I just cant figure it out.
  10. I received my xr-pro yesterday and I cannot for the life of me fix the swaying problem I am having, I am getting extremely frustrated. I can get it centered to where i pick it up and it doesn't lean any way but as soon as I start moving it starts swinging all around. My drop test is right in between 2 1/2 to 3 seconds and I have tried nudging it all over to the place to no avail. Watched plenty of videos all saying it has to do with the length to the sled but I have moved it everywhere and I cannot get it to go way.Even when on a stand and I get it centered and looking stable, if I touch it it just stars swinging around. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I just bought a 1000 used, but it didn't have the bolt to connect the camera. Any help would be appreciated Thx.
  12. Hi please contact me if you have a V16 or aV25 kit for sale and thank you. 323-312-4944
  13. Hi Sir do yo still have this outfit for sale and thanks Tony 323 312 4944
  14. Can't secure camera

    The washers fixed the problem! Thanks!
  15. Cleaning A Glidecam Hd-4000 Bearing

    It sounds like you don't need to take the bearing setup apart, just remove the head assembly. How does the Super Lube get applied if you don't take the bearing setup apart? The stuff is thick and won't just saturate down.
  16. So I just have a quick question. I have balanced my glidecam xr 2000 perfectly and set it for the 2 1/2- 3 second drop time and tried udjusting up and down for days. I am having an issue that is kind of beneficial but sometimes it’s not and I am just wondering if it’s normal. So it’s balance perfect but for some reason when I turn the handle slowly there must be friction causing the camera to turn as well. This works nicely if I’m not moving but when I’m moving forward or backward and make any small variation to the direction of the handle the camera will turn as well. Which for some reason causes the camera to sway. When I move the gimbal up, down, left or right very fast it operates perfectly and does not sway at all. Just when I slowly turn it does it cause the equipment to sway back and forth. Im sure I might be able to eventually control the sway with my control hand but so far it’s very difficult but that’s understandable. Like I said this might very well be normal and beneficial but just through I’d ask. Thanks guys in advance!
  17. Fixing side-to-side motion

    TChaseNC You've done the math. You are way too light to even meet the minimum requirements. The way I see it is you have two options: Get a Glidecam 2000 and you still have to add weight or you need to add about 3 lbs to your setup now. Use more weight plates and anything else you can find. Add some of the Glidecam weights under the camera or in front of the camera. Add a battery grip etc. When you say two counter weights do mean 1 on each side or 2 on each side. If its 1 on each side take them off. If its 2 on each side take them off. I have never used a HD4000 but based on my HD2000 I would think you want to be around 5 lbs to see good results. I am just under 4lbs on my HD2000
  18. Fixing side-to-side motion

    Dear MChurgin or anybody else logged in, I too am having problems w/vertical balance on my HD-4000. I've got the fore/aft and side to side dialed in pretty good but am getting a lot of swing or pendulum movement when I walk with unit. Setup is Nikon D5200 w/Nikkor 15-55 zoom lens and I'm using a Manfrotto 577 quick release mount & plate. The camera & plate weigh 2 lbs and 7 oz. The quick release probably adds maybe another 5-7 ounces. With just two counter weights on the base and the telescoping post all the way up (less the 1 inch or so clearance for tightening knob), I still can't get the drop time to be any longer than 1 - 1.3 seconds. Based on your reply to jomjesse, I think my setup is a bit light up top for the 4000. Short of using a heavier camera do you think if I added weight to the top I might be able to slow it down? Thx, Tom.
  19. Fixing side-to-side motion

    If you are getting side to side motion than it is not properly balanced and is probably too bottom heavy. Just because you have a 2.5 second drop time does not mean its balanced properly. If you have a HD4000 you need a lot of weight on top. You say you have a mid weight camera. How much does the setup weigh? You probably need to experiment with a much slower drop time. Go to 3 seconds and see if there is an improvement. You may have to go even slower than 3 seconds. One solution would be to get the top weight on the 4000 to at least 6 -7 pounds and see if there is improvement. That unit is rated for 4-10 lbs. They don't work particularly well on the low ends of the weight limits. A solution for working with the low end of the weight limit is to use a slow drop time. This has been my experience. I used to use a small 1lb camera and until I switched cameras and added weight and got it to just under 4llbs on the HD 2000 I was not happy with my footage. Now it looks like this. Try the slower drop or add much more weight! Tell us what your top weight is now.
  20. I have a Glidecam HD-4000 with a mid-weight camera setup. Everything is properly balanced, the drop time is ~2.5 sec; left/right front/back all properly balanced and level. But when I walk I get a side to side movement of the lense that makes post-stabilization in iMovie really weird. The video "ripples" once a small amount of stabilization is applied. Im trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. These clips that I am taking are just walking in a straight line and trying to stay trained on a point in the distance. I try to keep a fairly light grip on the handle, not a "death grip" as I have seen some other caution against. Any more suggestions or tips that could help make my videos better?
  21. Part of what helps me decide what equipment to get for film making is the ease of use, and ability to quickly put together and break down the equipment. I'm new to using a gimbal like the Glidecam XR-PRO. I bought it for Glidecam's reputation. After bringing it home, and putting it together I found that I was frustrated by the awkwardness of preparing the base for the camera. I think there should be an update to the camera mount for the XR-PRO. One that allows the user to quickly attach the camera to the base that attaches to the gimbal. One change that would go a long way, is a screw used to mount the camera to the plate has a fold away grip. (See attached image).
  22. Hey guys, My glidecam is pretty balanced, but when I move side to side the glidecam hd2000 does a slight rotation to the left. The unit stays vertical, but it just slightly spins to the left. How do I fix this? Mike
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  24. Problem with "micro bounces" in footage

    Hello Kuba, Have you had a chance to take a photograph of your Glidecam setup? It is always very useful to see a photograph, as there are many little nuances that can sometimes be resolved in seeing an image. Thanks!

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  26. Problem with "micro bounces" in footage

    Hello Kuba, What camera are you working with? Can you take a photograph of your Glidecam and post it on the Glidecam forum? Could be something very simple... Look forward to helping you resolve this issue
  27. Hey guys, I have a problem, especially with longer lenses (like 85 mm here). Been using glidecam with sony a7s m1 (no stabilisation in camera). Here's sample footage: http://swwweou5/C0272.MP4? You can see some "bouncing" effect starting from 4 sec. I don't know what causes that effect, everything was fixed properly, no camera movement, using manfrotto QR plate. I think It was balanced pretty ok (changing lens from 24 to 85, but I don't know If It could be the cause of this shakes) Anyone experienced that kind of thing? What could cause that? I didn't see that while filming. PS. I know It' a bit out of focus, sorry guys. Thanks in advance, peace!:)
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